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Putting the Old Man back on the Mountain

Profilers installed as part of memorial.

The profilers put into place on Monday, May 11, puts the Old Man of the Mountain back on his perch high above Franconia Notch. (click for larger version)
May 16, 2011
FRANCONIA—The seven Profilers, which people can use to imagine what the Old Man of the Mountain looked like on Cannon Mountain, were installed Monday.

Each of the large metal hockey-stick-looking objects weighs around 500 pounds and is between 10 and 12 feet tall, according to Dick Hamilton, president of the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund, which is building the memorials to the Old Man on the shores of Profile Lake.

"It's been a long time in coming," Hamilton said Monday afternoon. "Eight years. There were times I thought it would never happen."

At the event Monday there were "a lot of smiles and a lot of hugs" as the Profilers were installed one by one over a three-hour period. There was no ceremony Monday but there was spontaneous applause as each was installed.

At the site some tourists from Massachusetts were on hand. They had shown up to see the site of where the Old Man once stood and were surprised to see the activity being done to memorialize him, and what the Profilers did, Hamilton said.

Hamilton noted proudly that not one penny of taxpayers money—either state or federa—has been used to pay for the project, though state architect Tom Mansfield has been serving as a consultant for the project. He was on hand Monday, as was sculptor Ron Magers, of Essex, Mass.

"The whole objective is to recreate the experience," said Magers, who won a national contest sponsored by the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund in its search for a way for Granite Staters to remember the iconic profile. "It's not a monument you just look at, it's something that you actually have be in the right place to see, just as you had to be in the right place to see the Old Man."

The installation of the profilers is part of the first phase of the monument project. Next week, crews will begin to lay the first of over 200 engraved granite pavers, which people from all over the country have purchased in the past year. Money raised from the sale has helped to fund the memorial. Pavers are still available and orders received by May 20 will be laid in time for next month's dedication of the project on June 12, just before the annual Profile Awards.

The next stage of the project after this will be raising $3 million to install five giant blocks on the site that when lined up will create a full size replica of the Old Man. That portion has been delayed due to funding.

The Profilers and installation cost around $250,000.

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