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Town Hall renovations celebrated

Master of Ceremonies Bill Jackson presented volunteer extraordinaire Mike Waddell who was instrumental in overseeing and completing the auditorium renovations at the Gorham Town Hall, during a Grand Opening Celebration on May 7. Waddell received a standing ovation. For more photos from the event turn to page A13. Melissa Grima. (click for larger version)
May 11, 2011
GORHAM — The newly remodeled Gorham Auditorium on the second floor of the town hall was filled with onlookers and well-wishers as the town gathered to celebrate the end of a five-year renovation project on Saturday.

Gorham hosted a Grand Opening with fanfare and entertainment from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Former Town Manager Bill Jackson, who also served as secretary of the Gorham Auditorium Committee, served as Master of Ceremonies with chairman of the board of selectman Paul Robitaille at his side on the stage.

Jackson and Robitaille joined forces to present certificates of appreciation to the many deserving contributors, volunteers, laborers, and town employees who helped with the in-depth project. The crowd was then entertained by a variety of musical and performance acts on the new stage.

Most notably recognized was Mike Waddell, who was called up to receive the N.H. Preservation Alliance Preservation Achievement Award on behalf of the town. The award was presented by NHPA board member Linda Upham-Bornstein who explained that the project had been "marked by strong collaborative effort."

Waddell received praise for his tireless efforts on the project and a standing ovation from the crowd. Waddell "took the time and made sure things were done properly," Jackson extolled, noting that there was no work done in the building by half measures since Waddell made sure that anything done was something anyone would want in their own home.

Waddell shrugged off the praise noting simply, "seeing this building brought back to its full potential — that's enough for me."

Certificates of appreciation were handed out to:

— Scott Lambertson and Tim Villanueve of the Northern NH Correctional Facility for the inmate labor, stripping of trim, wainscoting and doors, renovation of the second and third floors, refurbishing and reupholstering of balcony seats.

— Anne Getchell of the USDA Rural Development Office for the equipment grant, elevator grant, and sound and lighting grant, totaling $98,425 in federal funds.

— Cassie Mason of the NH Councl on the Arts, which supplied a $17,000 grant for the balcony repair and remodel.

— Robert Bellevance of the Gorham, Randolph, Shelburne Education Foundation, for a donation of $10,000.

— Jan and Pam Eichler for the donation of the balcony seats, which saved the town $28,700.

— Chris Davies of Sabatis Lodge #73 F&AM, for a donation of $10,000

— Catherine McDowell of the Randolph Foundation for a donation of $3,000.

— Edward J. Reichert for "several donations when they were most needed," to purchase materials and finish the floors and stage floor.

— Laura Jamison of Theatre North for their donation and assistance with two fundraisers through their Friday night Bingo.

— Glen and Janice Eastman for two donations of undisclosed amounts.

— Lee Carroll, of Lee Carroll, PE, LLC for his service and reduced fee on electrical engineering for the entire building.

— Public Service Company of NH for a donation of $15,000

— Tim Sappington, AIA, of Sappington Designs for his donation of designs for the theater and balcony railing.

— Jonathan Kipp and Carl Weber of NH Public Risk Management Exchange, for their donation of funds to purchase a projector and screen.

Also recognized for significant donations were: Isaacson Steel, Inc., Northway Bank, AutoNorth, Inc., Laconia Savings Bank, Brookfield Renewable Power, Dan Hebert, Inc., George E. Sansoucy, PE, LLC, John and Cathy McDowell, and Robert and Rita Savage.

A round of applause was had for the members of the original Community Theater Project Committee, which raised just under $10,000 in donations. That committee included: Elaine Belanger, Paul Bousquet, Chris Davies, Glen Eastman, Donna Goodrich, David Graham, Bill Jackson, Kathleen Kelley, Cathy McDowell, Ed Reichert, Rita and Bob Savage, Gloria Sinibaldi, and Denise Vallee.

Jackson also had the contractors/laborers who were present and had worked on the project to stand and be recognized as well as the volunteers who worked on the renovation. The list of workers includes: Matthew Boisselle, Lee Carroll, Brian Corcoran, Dan Dion, Ed Gibson, Adrian Dutkewich, Clayton Greenwell, Dnaiel Hebert, Larry Jenkins, Paul Laplante, Louis Memolo, Eric Oleson, Debra Ouellette, Paul Pinard, Paul Pizzo, David Sansoucy, Tim Sappington, Bruce Stewart, Al Tardiff, Earl Thomas, and Mike Waddell.

Volunteering on the endeavor were: Chris Davies, Rodman Davies, Russell Douglass, Ed Gibson, Lawrence Jenkins, David LeBlanc, Tim LaPointe, John Loven, Robert Loven, Jim Owen, Reuben Rajala, David Rich, Gordon Rich, Perry Risley, Kevin Roy, David Sansoucy, and Mike Waddell.

The Gorham Auditorium Committee also announced in the program that they still have a small wish list of items that would further improve and enhance the quality of production for planned events with items ranging in cost from $200 to $7320. Donations can be made to the Town of Gorham, 20 Park Street, Gorham.

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