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Barnstead meets AYP in math and reading

April 19, 2011
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead School Board met on Tuesday, April 12, and Principal Tim Rice was excited to review the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) report.

The school made AYP in both math, with an index score of 84.6, and reading, with an index score of 88.7. The scores are based on the results from May 2010 NH-Alt and October 2010 NECAP testing.

Rice said he received a call from the state department of education asking what made the school successful.

"There wasn't one thing. We started the everyday math program four years ago and two years ago, we added four blocks of literacy," Rice said. Lots and lots of work has gone into this."

Rice said the summer enrichment program, practicing released items, lots of writing, creating awareness of the importance of the testing and the hard work of the teachers all helped the school meet AYP.

Chair Diane Beijer pointed out that making AYP this year fell in line with the timeline set forth by Rice.

Vice-chair Eunice Landry suggested promoting the success of the school with a message regarding AYP on the Barnstead Elementary School sign.

Rice said there is an unspoken request by the students to shave his goatee for making AYP in both categories.

Superintendent Dr. William Compton recalled receiving an excited message from Rice regarding AYP, but he stressed the importance of continuing to focus.

"We have to temper it with common sense," Compton said. "The index score will go up again next year."

Compton reported that less than 28 percent of the schools in New Hampshire made AYP. With the school making AYP two years in a row, they are taken of the corrective action list.

Linda Nelson, a teacher at BES, echoed the feelings of Rice during public input.

"We are elated that we made AYP in both math and reading," Nelson said.

The Professional Development Committee gave a presentation on new Professional Development Plan.

Patty Hamilton and Annie Bourque, who are both in the PDC, detailed updates to plan that have been added.

The new plan allows for 23 different ways for educators to earn the required 75 professional development hours, with the new addition of publishing an academic work or journal.

The new plan was submitted for approval in the summer of 2009 and comments were sent back and forth in January 2010 to the New Hampshire Department of Education. The NH DOE approved the plan in March, and the plan will expire on June 30, 2015.

Hamilton explained that each teacher creates his or her own plan that includes three classroom goals and one technological goal during a three-year period. Plans go through Rice and then go on to Compton.

The board approved a short-term substitute to take over for Gwen Starr, who recently went on maternity leave, until the end of June. The board also approved several coaching positions for the spring season, including baseball, softball and track.

An adult softball league put in a request to use the baseball field on Sundays between the months of May and August, and the board approved the request. The league doesn't carry insurance and will be signing a waiver.

The board approved a request by the baseball and softball coaches to fix a sinkhole that is located on the third-base line on the baseball field.

Students at BES raised approximately $1,200 by donating pennies as part of Pennies for Patients. The top two classes were awarded with a pizza party. A donation will be paid towards cancer research in Rhonda Sanborn's name.

Member Maureen Fitzpatrick said she received a phone call from a grandparent at BES saying a Barnstead policeman was out stopping people from dropping off students in the front of the school. Rice said he would look into the issue.

The board approved pushing back the April 26 meeting until May 10.

Beijer made a request for the board to reaffirm the board policies, which was approved. Landry asked if the policies would be put up electronically and was told that they would be.

Beijer requested that the Policy Committee look into updating some of the older policies.

The 2011-2012 school calendar was approved by the board. The first day of school will be Thursday, Sept. 1, and the last day will be June 13, with five snow days built in.

Starr put in a sick bank request for 25 days, and the board approved her request.

Landry wanted to insure that requests for use of the sick bank are put in by long standing members of the committee who have donated days in the past.

Amy Ransom, the business administrator, said she is putting a freeze on the budget. Ransom said any purchases made would be closely scrutinized. She said there are no problems with the budget, but she would like to be at more of a comfort level.

Compton addressed revenue shortfalls that may be coming in at the state level. Some schools have suggested pink slipping non-tenured personnel.

"We have had discussions at the administrative level," Compton said.

Beijer reviewed the committee assignments for members of the school board, with many staying the same.

Landry asked for an update of the SAU Service Committee. People interested in the committee signed up at the school district meeting.

The Barnstead School Board is schedule to meet next on Tuesday, May 10, at 6 p.m. at the BES library.

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