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Library goers encouraged to 'Create Your Own Story'

Gilford Police Officer Holly Harris reads the children’s story “Officer Buckle and Gloria” to youngsters on Monday, as part of National Library Week. (Lauren Tiner) (click for larger version)
April 13, 2011
In celebration of this year's National Library Week theme, "Create Your Own Story," Gilford Public Library is offering writing workshops, an open-mic night, special story times and more.

On Thursday night from 6 – 8 p.m., the Gilford Library will also play host to New Hampshire native and fiddler Ellen Carlson for some "Fiddlin' Fun." While Carlson is a musician, fiddling is a generational practice, where musicians such as Carlson are able to tell their story through their craft.

"It's the biggest event of the week," said Library Director Katherine Dormody. "It's a family event, and we're hoping for a good turn out."

Assistant librarian and writer Abi Maxwell will also run the special writing workshop, "What's Your Story," encouraging library cardholders to create their own story with the power of the pen in an hour-long session. Maxwell will also use various writing prompts to get the imagination flowing.

An official Gilford Police van is put on display for all to see outside of the library grounds on Monday. (Lauren Tiner) (click for larger version)
If aspiring writers missed this workshop held on Tuesday, a writing group has also taken off at the Gilford Library.

"This workshop is open to all," said Dormody. "The memoir workshop held by Abi Maxwell was also fabulously received. Some of the members have continued to form a writer's group here on their own accord on a weekly basis. All our clubs seem to be expanding."

Kids take a tour through a Gilford Police Department van, and learn what it means to be a police officer. (Lauren Tiner) (click for larger version)
Maxwell will also run a Teen Open-Mic this Friday from 6 – 8 p.m. in hopes to get more teenagers involved with the library and the programs it has to offer to young adults. Gilford teens, whether poets, authors, musicians, or band mates, are all invited to join the fun on Friday night and share their own stories through self-expression.

Since this week's theme is "Create Your Own Story," Dormody said librarians also felt it fitting to adopt last year's theme as well, and work alongside Gilford community members. While teens, writers, and musicians get to tell their stories this week, members of the Gilford Police Department, Fire Department, Marine Patrol, School District bus drivers, and the Department of Public Works also plan to stop by throughout the week to talk about their stories and their roles as officers, firefighters, and more.

"We were trying to think of what would go with the national theme this year. We thought this community aspect was so well received last year that we decided to bring it back. A few parents said they had missed certain days last year, and were hoping to get this opportunity once again," said Dormody.

Gilford officer Holly Harris helps youngsters, including a tiny Carter Lloyd, out of a police van on Monday. (Lauren Tiner) (click for larger version)
On Monday, the official kick-off to National Library Week in Gilford, Officer Holly Harris of the Gilford Police Department volunteered to read "Officer Buckle and Gloria," and also gave youngsters a chance to tour through a Gilford Police van. At the beginning of each event, children are also handed trading cards to learn more about each profession.

During Monday's special story time reading, children learned what it means to be a police officer, how to play safe, and lots of fun facts about police officers through trading cards, including what tools an officer possesses, the various means of transportation officers can use, and also the role of police dogs such as the fictional "Gloria" or Gilford's own K-9, Agbar.

A young Allison Marshall smiles as she peeks out of a Gilford Police van during National Library Week. (Lauren Tiner) (click for larger version)
At Tuesday's special story time, children got to tour through a school bus. On Wednesday, students met Marine Patrol officers and got the chance to hop on a boat. This Thursday, children learned more information about DPW street sweepers. On Friday, the conclusion of National Library Week, children also get to hop on a fire truck.

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