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Shooting at house party believed accidental

April 14, 2011
GORHAM — A local house party ended on a sour note on Saturday morning when a 911 call came in that a 22-year-old male had shot himself in the torso. The man had been attending a party at 4 Androscoggin Street and there were people around him when the gun discharged.

"We think he was intoxicated, used poor judgement and now is paying consequences," said Gorham Police Chief P.J. St. Cyr.

Gorham police and Gorham Medical Services were able to readily respond to the emergency call at 2:20 a.m. He was treated at the scene, transported to the Androscoggin Valley Hospital and airlifted to the Dartmouth-Hitchock Medical Center where he was last expected to make a full recovery.

It was at the party of about a dozen people that the man decided to show off his 9mm pistol which he did have a permit for noted St. Cyr, to his friends. The man was asked by his friends to put the firearm away and proceeded to sit down on a couch in the corner.

The next thing party goers heard was a loud "pop" and saw blood coming from the man's chest.

"We believe that he thought the chamber was empty and hadn't displayed any behavior that he wanted to harm himself or any of the party goers," said St. Cyr.

No one from the party has stepped forward to bring up any charges against the man and neither has the Gorham Police Department as the case is still under investigation. Potential charges could include reckless conduct and discharging a firearm in a compact part of town.

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