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Tamworth landmark may be torn down

THE TAMWORTH INN, a village landmark at 15 Cleveland Hill Rd., is likely to be torn down and replaced if a current deal to purchase the property goes through. (Mellisa Ferland photo) (click for larger version)
April 14, 2011
TAMWORTH — A village landmark, the Tamworth Inn, which has been the victim of apparent financial troubles and disrepair, is likely to be torn down if a current deal goes through.

At the April 7 Tamworth selectmen's meeting, Shawn Bergeron of Bergeron Technical Services in North Conway told the board he is representing a purchaser from Pennsylvania who is in the process of acquiring the 15 Cleveland Hill Road property.

Bergeron reported that, upon inspection, the buildings have been found to be "beyond repair and must be taken down." Bergeron said it is anticipated that the new owner will be rebuilding within the same footprint of the current buildings. The replacement building will be "conducive to the village atmosphere that is present now within the Tamworth Village."

Selectmen present at the meeting, William Farnum and Robert Abraham expressed their sadness that this landmark will have to be taken down and asked that the building be secured as it is being dismantled.

As of Tuesday, ownership of the property had not transferred and a Lloyd & Day Real Estate sign was still on the front lawn of the inn. Town property records show that the inn is currently owned by a bank, Lasalle Bank in Chicago, Illinois. The bank took ownership of the property after they foreclosed on the previous owner, L'Auberge Holdings Limited Partners in April 2010.

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