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Meet June Williams, new marketing and public relations for M&D Productions

June Williams, new marketing and public relations for M&D Productions is welcomed by Mark DeLancey in the future home of the Culture Café. (Rachael Brown Photo) (click for larger version)
April 14, 2011
Getting out in the community is just what Williams has been achieving.

"I have been going up and the down the strip [businesses on Route 16, North Conway] and talk to everyone who would stop long enough to listen," says Williams. She was promoting the recent Wedding Cake Wars Contest, held at Your Theater on April 12.

"June is such a go-getter," says DeLancey. She has lots of experience. Williams has many years working for non-profit organizations and the hospitality industry. She's been a bartender, a barista for the Portsmouth Country Club, served on the Dover Chamber of Commerce, has worked as an educator for land grants for both Strafford County and Carroll County Conservation. It was in Strafford County where she says she saved three elderly couples their farms.

It is that same dedication and community service that Williams brings to the stage at M&D productions. Here is what she will be working on.

Williams will begin by handling administrative marketing and public relations tasks for the theater. DeLancey says Williams will lay the groundwork to produce income to be supported by the community seven days a week. One of those avenues is the soon to be opened Culture Café on location at the theater.

"We plan to be in full swing by June," says DeLancey. The café will serve coffee and beverages with light food. It will be venue for both seniors and youth to gather and share their love of theater.

"Our goal was to find someone who has barista experience, who was looking for their own place and could partner with us under the auspices of a coffee shop," says DeLancey. "As long as they share the philosophy of the theater," he adds.

Williams shares that goal of being a community minded theater, supporting local actors, local vendors and asking for local support. "It is our goal to reach out to individuals and tickle their social conscience, while raising some much needed money for various worthy causes," states DeLancey on their website.

Williams has been working with Mountain Top Music Center, Carroll County Conservation and others to provide a setting for performances, lectures and meetings. The third Tuesday of each month YourTheatre hosts move nights. DeLancey says they set up movie nights on the third Tuesday on purpose to coincide with Chamber After Hours. Williams says look for her as an usher on those evenings.

Remember the real wedding that took place in the theater on April 9th? Both Williams and DeLancey say it was a huge success. They hope to host more weddings. Not only is Williams a Notary Public, she is also in the process of obtaining her Justice of the Peace license, which will come in handy for more theater weddings. DeLancey says they are planning a wedding showcase this May, to involve wedding purveyors and florists. "Kind of like a home show of weddings," says DeLancey.

Williams is so pleased with her reception in the Valley and her new position.

"I am the new kid on the block, everyone has said such wonderful things about the theater. I am very pleased to be in on the ground floor," says Williams

She adds: "May I have the last say [in the interview]? No matter how crazy I sound, Mark remains open minded, he gives me a quizzical look and takes my suggestions," says Williams.

"They are good suggestions," adds DeLancey.

For more information visit: www.yourtheatre.com.

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