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Planners discuss Barnstead's Master Plan

April 13, 2011
BARNSTEAD — Officers were nominated and selected at the Barnstead Planning Board meeting on Thursday, April 7.

Dave Murley was selected as the chair, Michael Kowalski will be the vice-chair and Nancy Carr accepted the position of secretary.

The board also approved Chris Carazzo and Bill Evans as alternates. Carazzo and Evans were sworn in as alternates by Kathy Grillo, the Board of Selectmen's representative.

Murley said that the board normally carries three alternates and is looking to fill the open spot.

Gerald Weaver came before the board for a site plan review for 57 Gray Road. Weaver is planning on opening a photography studio inside his home.

Weaver plans to use the space within his home to set up a small studio and place a small two-by-one-foot sign set into his driveway about six feet.

The sign won't be electrified, and the board recommended a bigger sign. The maximum size that Weaver could install would be 15 square feet.

The application was accepted as complete and was approved by the board unanimously.

The board reviewed the Master Plan, which was last updated in 2002.

Murley is looking for input from the townspeople on how go about updating the plan.

"We need direction from the people, and it needs to coincide with the direction of the board," Murley said.

In 2002 when the Master Plan was last updated it cost approximately $14,000.

Kowalski asked how well the previous Master Plan was followed.

Carazzo, who also serves as road agent, said the plan was followed pretty well in the beginning but tailed off towards the end.

He pointed out that paving the town roads would have a high cost at first but would save the town money by eliminating the need for a grader.

Murley brought up updating the Master Plan in hopes of updating it to fall in line with the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Kowalski worked on updating the CIP in 2010 and asked Grillo what the Board of Selectmen is doing with the CIP.

"There isn't a plan in place," Grillo said. "We are so far behind in everything, we are not sure how to start."

Carazzo stressed the importance of following the CIP and the effects of not following it.

With a depleted heavy truck replacement fund, the town has to spend a lot of money to purchase new equipment when money should have been added to fund each year.

He pointed to the purchase of a new backhoe that was purchased with funds established by the CIP.

"In light of the economy, the CIP needs to be updated each year," Murley said.

Murley pointed out that the board's budget would be running out. The budget was trimmed this year to $500, and the board is required by law to advertise meetings.

Murley addressed House and Senate Bill 91, which would nullify agreements that towns have set up with subdivisions regarding sprinkler systems. Murley questioned the legality of the bill.

The board discussed the warrant article involving the Center Barnstead Christian Church. The church's septic system is on town property, and a warrant article to allow them to continue current use failed.

If the septic system fails, the church will be required to install a pump system on their property.

According to Evans, the system hasn't failed yet, but it's on its last legs.

Grillo said the article was poorly written and felt that people didn't understand the purpose of the article.

She said the selectmen would be discussing the issue at its next meeting.

The Barnstead Planning Board is scheduled to hold a workshop on Thursday, April 21, at 7 p.m. at the town hall.

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