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One on One With Coach Peter Ames

April 07, 2011
Mountain Ear: What sports have you coached over your 34-year career?

Coach Ames: "I have coached a number of sports during that time. I coached boys varsity basketball for fourteen years, girls varsity basketball, JV baseball for over ten years, varsity softball for twenty years, varsity assistant football for twenty years, cross-country skiing for two years, and junior high soccer for a single year. So, I have coached at a number of levels."

ME: What is your favorite sport to coach?

CA: "My favorite sport is the one I'm coaching that is in season."

ME: Have you always wanted to coach and teach, or did you initially have other plans and used coaching and teaching as a fall back?

CA: "I have always wanted to teach and coach. It seemed like a natural thing to do when my high school and college playing days were over."

ME: How many championships have you won in your time as a coach?

CA: "I have won four state softball championships, one girl's basketball championship and lost in the finals with the varsity boys basketball and last year in the softball finals. I have also been involved with four football championships and two ski titles."

ME: How many wins have you earned?

CA: "I have over 670 varsity victories in basketball and softball combined. 316 wins in basketball and over 350 in softball. That means I have had a lot of good athletes over the years."

ME: Who do you look up to and who have you learned from as a coach?

CA: "I learned a lot from my coaches in high school and college. People like Gordon Mann, Bob Burns, and Bob Russell helped shape my coaching career, as well as my parents. They are all great coaches and people."

ME: Describe your priorities as a coach. Do you try to incorporate life lessons into coaching? Do you try to better each student athlete as a person as well as a player?

CA: "As a coach, I want kids to learn the lessons of hard work and dedication to a team concept. I don't think you can separate the person from the athlete. Learning to work hard and persevere applies to life as an athlete and a person. I want kids to risk being great."

ME: What are some of your most memorable moments as a coach?

CA: "In over 34 years of coaching there are too many memorable moments to mention all of them but the 2002 softball championship stands out because it was Brit's, my daughter, senior year and the last time I would be coaching her. She was the pitcher and we shutout Monadnock 5-0. The other memorable things are really all the student athletes I have been involved with over the years."

ME: Do you find it difficult to balance your coaching life with your personal life?

CA: "I don't think there is a private life when you are a coach. I have been lucky my wife, Joan, has been willing to put up with the year-round nature of coaching. She has been totally involved on a year-round basis and without that support I could not have been coaching for so long."

Monday, March 22 began the softball season for Coach Ames and the Kennett Eagles. Be sure to catch the team as they strive for another successful season this year.

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