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Ossipee selectmen move forward on projects approved at Town Meeting

March 31, 2011
OSSIPEE — Selectmen here had quite a brief meeting this week, mostly charting the course for completion of the long list of projects approved by voters at Town Meeting.

Public Works Director Brad Harriman reported he will be meeting with a contractor at the One Moultonville Road property on April 8 to begin going through the building and developing a plan for upgrading it. Voters approved spending money on improvements after selectmen explained they hope to move the town's various land use boards down there to free up space at the town hall.

Selectman Harry Merrow asked about the status of the Whittier Covered Bridge restoration project, adding the bridge will likely rot waiting to be repaired as it is taking so long. Harriman said the requests for proposals are due April 29 and then a contractor will be selected to begin working on the bridge restoration project this summer. The project had been held up last year awaiting the release of federal funding earmarked for the project.

In the first step towards sending out the fire department survey, selectmen here will meet for a work session on May 2 at 9 a.m. at Town Hall. The goal of the work session is to allow the selectmen to have a preliminary discussion among themselves. They will then schedule a meeting with the fire commissioners from the three fire precincts to begin discussion on wording and mailing of the survey.

Voters approved $5,000 at town meeting for the purpose of mailing survey to residents and taxpayers to gauge opinion on whether the selectmen should move forward with consolidating the town's three fire precincts. As with all meetings of the selectmen, the May 2 meeting is open to the public but selectmen indicate this is a work session and will not be soliciting public comment at this time as there will be plenty of time for that as the project progresses.

Selectmen are preparing to recognize the annual employee of the year. Every year the town's business shuts down for a luncheon to show appreciation to town employees and name the top pick of the year. A letter will be going out to all employees asking for nominations for their favorite co-worker. This year's employee luncheon will be held May 9 at noon at Town Hall.

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