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Wolfeboro Police hire a new officer, three part-time dispatchers

March 24, 2011
WOLFEBORO — The monthly Wolfeboro Police Commission meeting of March 10 marked the end of Chairman Curt Pike's tenure as a commissioner. Chief Stuart Chase thanked him for his service and offered appreciation for their weekly chats that accompanied review of the manifests. Chase praised Pike's professional demeanor and common sense approach.

Bob Copeland, the incoming, newly-elected commissioner will join the board upon being officially sworn in.

Chase announced a new hire, Patrick Spera, and said that all the necessary paper work had been sent in to Police Standards & Training (PST). "The Council will review his Massachusetts training and experience and determine what courses he will need to attend in the next recruit class to meet New Hampshire's certification requirements," said Chase, who went on to say that the department is anticipating a start date of May 1, upon completion of eight weeks of field training in addition to the PST classes.

The background investigation was coordinated and managed by Sgt. Randy Archambault, whom the chief thanked for his attention to detail, which made the process go smoothly.

In other personnel matters, Chase said that 17 candidates were considered for the part-time dispatch positions and three have been offered conditional employment. Background investigations are pending.

Training this month includes an officer participating in background investigation procedures, and a three-day training on dealing with gang activity, a training that Chase said is particularly timely, for already nearby Somersworth and Dover have been experiencing gang related crime.

The semi-annual firearms qualification training is coming up, and the department has ordered the necessary ammo and associated materials for the range. Commissioner Ron Goodgame asked if he would be allowed to observe; the chief said he was welcome to do so.

Prescription drug turn-in continues any time at the station, no questions asked, but the chief highlighted April 30 for a scheduled date for turn-in of potentially dangerous controlled substances in conjunction with a Drug Enforcement Agency initiative.

When reporting on arrests (up 28 percent from January to February), Chase expressed satisfaction in the "good, old-fashioned" police work of Sgt. Scott Moore on the morning of Wednesday, March 9. Moore, patrolling in the Haines Hill area, came upon a parked vehicle, got out to discover footprints in the woods leading up to a home he knew is not occupied in the winter, and tracked them, finding a three-man robbery in progress. The three have been arraigned in court.

The chief also read aloud letters from a citizen commending Lt. Dean Rondeau for his public interest-oriented approach in handling an accident. The writer wrote that it was "a performance so striking that it compelled me to write."

Accident numbers rose in February to 17 from 10 in January.

Public Input

Josephine Amatucci asked for public support for an issue that she said had not been investigated. She was advised by Commission Chairman Curt Pike that she could not use any individuals' names in public session, but otherwise she was free to speak.

She turned to the camera to give her "very serious complaint." Amatucci said that she was doing so "to involve citizens as an education in an "old, unresolved case involving the felony kidnapping" of her by a police officer who was guilty of "abducting me and assaulting me in 2003." The narrative involved her acquiring a stalking order against her neighbor and her neighbor following suit. She said that when a policeman came to her home that he did not ticket the cars parked on her land. "There was no warrant issued, no arrest made and no incarceration," she complained.

When she finished, Chase told the commissioners that he would look into the matter thoroughly and give a response to the commission.

The Wolfeboro Police Commission will meet next on April 21 at 4 p.m. in the Wolfeboro Town Hall.

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