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Planners hear of ABCCC's plans to suspend building project

March 22, 2011
ALTON — The Alton Bay Christian Conference Center was on the agenda for the Alton Planning Board March 15.

The ABCCC has decided to suspend the $1.4 million project of rebuilding the ABCCC and sent a letter to the board indicating as such. Numerous buildings were destroyed in a devastating fire in 2009. Chairman Tim Roy suggested that a meeting be set up to work on stabilizing the land.

Vice chairman Scott Williams also voiced concern about expiring site plans. He doesn't want to see the project have to start from scratch when they do decide to rebuild.

Brad Hunter came before the board to speak on Case P11-04. Hunter has been approved for a 19-lot major subdivision known as the Baywinds. He filed an amended application for the final major subdivision. The plat has been recorded with no security provided for the subdivision improvements.

A draft agreement for the security has recently come in and is pending legal approval. The board accepted the amended application and granted Hunter an extension of 365 days on the project, as he doesn't think a road will be built in the next six months.

Town planner Ken McWilliams said the plans shouldn't have been accepted without security in place.

A compliance hearing on Case P10-20 was held by the board, which involves Bahre Alton Properties and plans to build retails space near the Hannaford supermarket.

The board set nine conditions in September 2010, and McWilliams reported that all these conditions have been met and recommended that board approve the major site plan.

Mark Sargent, of Richard Bartlett and Associates, said that plans are to install a 2,400 and 6,000 square foot pads that will be used for retail space.

A representative from Huggins Hospital, which is one of the abutters to the Bahre property, asked if there were plans for healthcare facilities.

Sargent informed the board that plans are to build some type of retail space, but specifics have not been decided. Once the use is decided, he will return to the board for architectural review.

With the nine conditions met, the board approved the major site plan.

Peter Holmes came before the board for final major subdivision approval on Case P11-05. Holmes is proposing to subdivide 98 acres in eight lots in the Rural zone, located on Stockbridge Corner Road. Seven of the proposed lots range in size from two to 3.46 acres. The remaining land totals 82 acres.

The board granted several waivers, accepted erosion control plans for lots one, two and seven and accepted the application as complete.

Holmes informed the board that he has a purchase and sales agreement with New Hampshire Fish and Game for the 82-acre lot.

Roy introduced a petition filed in 2010 asking for a 50-foot easement near a stone wall.

Holmes asked that no easements be placed on any of the lots, and Roy agreed that there is no need for the 50-foot easement.

Member Cindy Balcius voiced concerns about a snowmobile trail shown on lot seven.

After much discussion about whether to move the trail on the plans or take it off completely, the board approved the subdivision pending the removal of the snowmobile trail from the plans.

Holmes asked the board to return the $150 per lot fee that he has paid twice, once for the current application and once back in 2010 when the process didn't proceed further. The board agreed to return the fee of $1,200.

Case P11-07, involving a lot line adjustment on Ledge Hill Road, was heard by the board.

The adjustment would add one acre to the 1.06-acre lot, resulting in a 2.06-acre parcel. The Roberts Cove lot would decrease from 74 acres to 72.99.

The reason for this adjustment is to bring the lot to conformance, which requires two acres per lot.

The board granted several waivers and accepted the application as complete.

Christopher Berry explained that it is a simple lot line adjustment.

Member William Curtin said the board had received a letter from an abutter objecting to the adjustment because of the roosters on property and another approving the adjustment as long as the roosters are moved to a shelter.

Eason said she is working on relocating the roosters to an animal shelter.

Board of selectmen representative Dave Hussey said the roosters should have no impact on this application.

The board agreed, and they approved the lot line adjustment.

The board decided to keep the current positions on the board as is and welcomed Balcius as a full-time member.

The Alton Planning Board will meet next on Thursday, April 19, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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