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WMRHS shows off school at Concord conference

A crack presentation team represented the White Mountains Athletic Department Friday at a state wide conference in Concord: Emalie Colborn, Athletic Director Mike Berry, Payton Curtis, Jarod Mills, Laura Kopp, Conner Lane, Carleton Kleinschrodt and Mike Curtis Jonathan Benton. (click for larger version)
March 23, 2011
WHITEFIELD — Eight representatives from White Mountains including an athletic director, two teachers and five students headed down to Concord on Friday to show other schools how they have done more with less.

The group gave a PowerPoint presentation that focused on how to create a positive school climate during tough economic times, when attendance is down and budgets are down. It was all about how White Mountains got around all of these obstacles in order to raise low morale amongst the student body.

"The feedback was that they were surprised that we do that much in a small school," said Athletic Director Mike Berry. "A lot of it revolves around kids volunteering and we try to change the culture through the athletic department."

Citing the new winter and summer workout programs as well as upgrades to the school facilities as being part of the school spirit backbone. In the PowerPoint were multiple photos of the Regional as well as the students and staff that make it a positive place.

The students that attended the conference, Carleton Kleinschrodt, Payton Curtis, Emalie Colborn, Conner Lane and Laura Kopp, are all either a athletic department interns or part of the student athletic council. The staff members who attended along with Berry, were Jarod Mills and Mike Curtis.

"Conner and I, as seniors, talked about how the school was different from freshman year and now — what has changed and Improved," said Colborn. "Like having preseason workouts and summer conditioning, doing stuff like having practice jerseys and mottos. A lot of students when they asked where we were from they thought it was a foreign country like they never heard of it before and were surprised by stuff we do at school in the middle of nowhere."

White Mountains is one of the few schools in the state that offers preseason conditioning for free. The Regional had about 100 kids attend the summer training and 115 in the recent lipdub.

The lipdub video of Spartan students in an exhibition of school spirit was also part of the presentation and received the biggest audience response.

"They were really excited about it," said Payton Curtis. "We just talked about why we did it and I think a lot of them will take that back to their schools. It was fun, we had girls at the end come up to talk to us about our student athletic council and they wanted to make one at their school.

Other schools presented programs at the conference, including Keene High School and Nashua North, but White Mountains was the only school to have students giving the presentation.

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