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Madison Town Meeting voters were careful with spending

March 17, 2011
MADISON — It was a good crowd of 190 voters at the Madison Town Meeting March 12 and in just over four hours they approved the town's operating budget and several other warrant articles, but used their voting power to defeat many articles.

An attempt was made by a voter to add $2,000 to the town's transfer station budget but that was defeated by voters and in the end a total operating budget of $2,225,538, as originally put forth by the selectmen passed.

In a close vote of 69-66 voters approved adding $25,000 to the town's fire truck capital reserve that sets aside money for future purchases. By a show of hands, however, they voted against approving $7,000 for updating the radios on emergency vehicles and $6,700 for replacing the overhead doors at the fire station. Neither of these expenses were recommended by the selectmen or the Budget Committee.

Though it was recommended by selectmen, the Budget Committee did not support a request to purchase a new backhoe for the highway department at $111,700 and it failed.

The town will be purchasing a new police cruiser, a vehicle for the code enforcement officer and putting in new carpet at the library. The code enforcement vehicle, in part, will be funded by insurance money received when the old police cruiser was totaled in an accident earlier this winter in Ossipee.

Tasker Hill and Allard Hill Road will get an upgrade for 1.6 miles as voters approved $228,000 for this.

Despite not being recommended by the selectmen or the Budget Committee, $5,000 will be added to capital reserve fund for the purpose of land acquisition for conservation purposes with 77 voting in favor and 76 voting against.

Petitioners won over voters and from now on discarded but usable items that were once tossed into the compactor at will now be set aside for the public to "peruse and remove at their own risk."

In a thoughtful move, several people were presented an engraved Mason jar as a thank you for their former service to the town, including Robert Rish, Library Trustee; Ray Stineford, Library Trustee; Roger Clayton, Fire Department; Craig Belcher, Fire Department; John Flanigan, Old Home Week Committee; Judy Burton, Library Trustee; Catherine Tilton, Recreation Department; Carol Batchelder, Advisory Budget Committee; and Edith McNair, Madison Conservation Commission.

Additionally, former town officials who passed away were also honored including Warren Virgin, Former Selectman; James Deaderick, Co-Founder of Madison PEG TV; Mary Meier, Planning Board member; and Ginny Currier, benefactor involved with the Madison Conservation Commission and for those affected by the devastation in Japan.

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