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DRED drops objection to Danderson bill

March 11, 2011
CONCORD — The Trails Bureau of the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) has dropped its procedural objection to naming the Visitors Center at Jericho State Park for former Mayor Robert "Bob" Danderson.

DRED dropped its objection that the normal protocol had not been followed, said Bureau of Trails Chief Chris Gamache in a Friday afternoon conversation at the Swift Diamond Riders' SnoDeo that. "We don't like to stop something that is in progress," Gamache said, acknowledging that both Senate Bill 106 prime sponsor Senator John Gallus, a Republican of Berlin, and Berlin City Mayor Paul Grenier had had good intentions in naming the visitors center after Mayor Bob and had merely not known and followed the usual procedure that calls for originating an initiative within the Department.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is slated to vote on SB106 on Thursday, Gamache said. It held a public hearing last month at which Gamache explained DRED's objection, since dropped.

Other Cos legislators who sponsored the bill include Rep. Marc Tremblay, a Republican of Berlin, Rep. Yvonne Thomas, a Democrat of Berlin, Rep. Bill Remick, a Republican of Lancaster, and Rep. John Tholl, a Republican of Whitefield.

The Trails Bureau is also looking to name something at the 7,200-acre park after Paul Grey under whose aegis the concept of a state park primarily devoted to ATV use was developed.

Future plans still include a campground. The state Attorney General's office is continuing to work out appropriate wording for a lease that would allow a concessionaire to run a campground that would both protect the public's interest and provide sufficient incentives to attract a first-class operator.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) cannot be issued until this key step is completed.

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