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Bluhm and Auger re-elected to select board, Fire Commission

March 09, 2011
NORTHFIELD In a close contest, incumbent Steve Bluhm retained his seat on the Northfield Board of Selectmen over Sally Robert by a vote of 220 to 207, while Town Clerk/Tax Collector Cindy Caveney also was re-elected to another term in her unopposed race to maintain her position with the town.

While Bluhm was unavailable for comment on Tuesday evening when the polls closed, he had said prior to the election that he hoped to remain on the board with fellow selectmen Geoff Ziminsky and Jamie Knowlton, maintaining fiscal responsibility and working hard for the citizens of Northfield.

"It takes a good team to get things done. We've worked very well together," Bluhm said recently.

A second race watched closely by Northfield and Tilton voters alike was that for an opening on the Tilton-Northfield Fire District Commission. Paul Auger was this year's incumbent candidate who faced off against former commissioner Kevin Waldron, another resident of Northfield.

While votes in their home town were fairly close between the two, Auger had a larger lead with Tilton voters, and in the end was able to hold on as he received 363 votes to Waldron's 252 overall.

"I'm happy to be re-elected. As a former firefighter, I liked what I did, and I like this part of it now, too, being involved as a commissioner. I find it very enjoyable, and hopefully we can make it right for the people of both towns. We try hard for them," Auger said.

Northfield voters will now turn toward the business of the town when they head to the Pines Community Center for Town Meeting. There, they will be presented with a proposed operating budget of $3,010,359, along with nine other articles, which include $24,645 for the replacement of a police cruiser and $34,000 for a new sidewalk plow. Voters will also be asked for $66,950 to establish a Road Reconstruction Fund for future repairs and $120,000 to be deposited into the State Aid Highway Reconstruction Capital Reserve Fund for improvements to Bean Hill Road. The only petitioned article on the warrant will be a request for $7,223 from the Tilton-Northfield Recreation Council in addition to approximately $47,000 already included in the operating budget.

Deliberations on the warrant will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

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