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Gilford will see familiar faces in town office this year

March 09, 2011
With few contested races during 2011 March elections Tuesday night, few new faces will grace the Gilford Budget Committee, the Board of Selectmen, or other town offices this year.

A lack of contested races also means fewer voters. About 832 taxpayers came out to vote in Gilford Tuesday night - a 13 percent turnout, considering all 6,520 registered voters.

Incumbent and current Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Kevin Hayes has reclaimed his spot on the board, and will serve another three-year term as a Gilford Selectman.

Hayes received 728 votes while contestant Joe Hoffman, who ran for all eight town slots on the ballot, received 65 votes.

Hayes has been a resident of Gilford for almost 30 years and plans to serve his second term on the Board of Selectmen thanks to the continual support of Gilford residents.

Taking the place of former Budget Committee member Terry Stewart, who decided not to run for another term this year, will be Kevin Leandro with 592 votes. Incumbent Kevin Roy was also voted back onto the committee with 643 votes, and incumbent Sue Greene with 583 votes.

Each candidate will serve a three-year term on the Budget Committee. With all three open seats now filled, the fourth contestant, Hoffman, with 94 votes, will not serve on the committee.

Current Town Clerk/Town Tax Collector Denise Morrissette Gonyer will also resume her TC/TC duties in the Town Hall for the next three years. Gonyer has reclaimed her seat with 772 votes. Prior to her current position, Gonyer served as the assistant TC/TC for 16 years and as the Deputy TC/TC until 2005. Her contestant, Hoffman, received 31 votes.

In other town races Tuesday night, Karen Saunders was voted in as Treasurer with 739 votes, while contestant Hoffman received 45 votes. Carolyn Scattergood will serve three years as the Trustee of the Trust Fund with 738 votes, while Hoffman received 44 votes.

Incumbent "Don" A. Spear will serve another three year term on the Board of Fire Engineers with 741 votes, verses 71 votes for Hoffman, and incumbent Doris "Dee" Chitty will serve another three years as a Cemetery Trustee with 705 votes, verse 71 votes for Hoffman.

The Gilford School District also had a slow contestant race this year. Incumbent Paul Blandford, a School Board member for nine years, will serve another three years on the board with 674 votes in support of his candidacy.

Kimberly Varricchio will serve another one-year term as School District Clerk with 674 votes, while John Cameron will serve another one-year term as School District Moderator with 691 votes, and Paul Simoneau with 710 votes.

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