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Conklin, Lewis win seats on Plymouth Board

Dick Lewis, Mike Conklin, John Randlett and John Kelly enjoy the sunshine and a little good natured camaraderie amongst rivals while they troll for last minute votes for the two vacant seats on the Select Board outside the polls in Plymouth Tuesday. (Marcia Morris) (click for larger version)
March 09, 2011
REGION — In one of the more competitive races in this electoral season, Mike Conklin and Dick Lewis each won three-year terms to the Plymouth Board of Selectmen at the polls on Election Day. They will fill the seats being vacated by outgoing Select Board members Wallace "Butch" Cushing and Daryl Browne.

The vote for Select Board was: Mike Conklin, 355; Richard Lewis, 219; John Randlett, 214; and John Kelly, 199.

In the only other contested race in Plymouth, Ted Geraghty beat out John Wood for a term as Cemetery Trustee. Carol Geraghty ran unopposed for a three-year term as Town Treasurer; Doug Grant and Tonia Orlando both won three-year terms as Library Trustees; and Bill Houle ran unopposed for Trustee of the Trust Funds.

Kate Hedberg and John Scheinman ran unopposed for three-year terms to the Plymouth School Board.

Plymouth met for the Annual Town Meeting to discuss and debate this year's Warrant on Wednesday of this week. Results of Town Meeting will be available in the next edition of the Record Enterprise and online.

Results from around the region

Bristol: Jeff Shackett and Don Milbrand were both re-elected to three-year terms on the Bristol Board of Selectmen, running unopposed. Likewise, Raymah Simpson was re-elected to Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Kathleen Haskell won the Treasurer's position, Beth White was elected Trustee of the Trust Funds and Thomas Keegan was elected Cemetery Trustee. All ran unopposed.

The battle for a Budget Committee seat was a little more competitive, with six people vying for four open seats. Mark Chevalier, Thomas Keegan, David Carr and Shaun Lageux came out on top of the race, with Lloyd Belbin and Wayne Anderson falling short. The vote was Chevalier, 303; Carr, 301, Keegan, 299; Lageux, 199; Anderson, 174; and Belbin, 128.

Lucille Keegan, George Corrette and Karen Schaffner each won three-year terms at Library Trustees, and Nathan Haselbauer ran unopposed for the two-year term on Trustees.

Campton: In the only contested race on Campton's town ballot, Priscilla Carr Whitney won out over Sandra J. Kingston for a three-year term as Library Trustee, 156-107. Marsh Morgan was elected to the Board of Selectmen with 243 votes; Hannah Joyce was returned to her position as Town Clerk/Tax Collector with 249 votes; Mary Durgin was installed in the Town Treasurer's position with 264 votes; John W. Timson, Jr. was elected Superintendent & Sexton of Cemeteries with 263 votes; and Martha Aguiar and Donna Cass were both elected to serves as Trustees of Trust Funds for a three-year and two-year term, with 245 and 261 votes, respectively.

The sole question on Campton's town ballot was a proposed zoning amendment, motivated in large part by the Northern Pass project, requiring all high voltage direct current transmission lines to be buried underground. The amendment passed, with 212 in favor and 71 opposed.

In the only contested race on the school district ballot, Danny Desrosiers handily defeated Robert Bain, 207-57, for a three-year term on the school board, while Sharon Davis was elected district Treasurer with 250 votes and Jim Aguiar was named the district's Moderator with 240.

Danbury: In one of two contested races in Danbury, Alan Huntoon easily beat James Farmer, 265-97, for a one-year term as Road Agent. In the only other contested race, Sandra J. Spencer, with 152 votes, won a three-year term on the Select Board, while challenger Robert Zenner garnered 61 votes and write-in candidate William Wallace ended the day with 128.

Danbury voters also approved the recommended 2011 operating budget of $1,038,521; a proposal to set aside $2,500 for waste oil purposes which will be reimbursed through a grant from NH the Beautiful; a request from the Historical Society for $700 in support of the North Road Schoolhouse Museum; and a request to discontinue a 750-foot stretch of road known as Helburn Drive.

They rejected a proposal to make the position of Police Chief full-time; said no to establishing a revolving fund for special police details; and turned down a proposed regulation that would have prohibited the consumption of alcohol on public property.

A warrant article asking voters to raise and appropriate $130,000 for a new highway dump truck (with $50,000 to be bonded, $1,700 to be withdrawn from the Highway Equipment Capital Reserve Fund, and the remaining $78,300 to be raised through taxation) found favor with a simple majority of voters, 203-166, but didn't quite garner the three fifths majority it would have needed to pass.

Hebron: Tom Gumpp won a three-year term on the Hebron Select Board, beating out incumbent John Matthews by a vote of 108 to 57. Mark Coulson was elected Town Treasurer and Bob Brooks was elected to a three-year term as a Trustee of the Trust Funds and another three-year term on the Board of Library Trustees.

Holderness: In the race for a pair of three-year seats on the Holderness Select Board, Jill Mudgett White (with 196 votes) and Christopher Devine (with 165) claimed the open slots, while Shane Sirles garnered 71 votes. The remaining candidates for town positions ran unopposed — Ross Deachman for Moderator, Ellen King for (for Town Clerk), Maurice Lafreniere (for Trustee of Trust Funds), Carol Snelling (for Library Trustee), and David Dupuis (for Fire Ward).

Joseph Casey (School Board member for three years), Kathleen Whittemore (school district Treasurer), and Laura Rollinson (district Moderator) also ran unopposed.

All eight proposed amendments to the town's zoning ordinance passed, as well.

Rumney: In the only contested election for town office, Cheryl Lewis defeated Arthur Morrill for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen by a vote of Lewis, 128, Morrill, 49. Roger Scroggins was elected to the Rumney School Board. School Moderator is James Buttolph, School Treasurer is Miriam Downs, and School Clerk Cheryl Caiero. All ran unopposed.

All Rumney School District Warrant Articles on the ballot were defeated.

Thornton: In Thornton, Brad Benton and Roy Sabourn were elected to a pair of open three-year terms on the Board of Selectmen, while Christy Gleeson edged out her two challengers for a three-year term as Town Clerk/Tax Collector.

In the only other contested race on Thornton's ballot, Gloria Kimball beat out Tamara Chandler, 370-42, for a three-year term as Supervisor of the Checklist.

Warren: In Warren, it was the write-ins who ruled the day, leading to an upset in the race for a three-year selectman's seat, where Charles Chandler's 171 write-in votes dwarfed the number received by challengers Christopher Whitcher (64) and Michael J.F. Clark (29).

Chandler also won the position of Moderator, for which he ran unopposed.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to come out of Warren was the groundswell of support for Warren Davis, who was returned to a one-year term as Chief of Police through a write-in campaign despite the select board's decision to suspend him from duty last year amid accusations that he had stalked a local teen. Davis amassed 130 write-in votes compared to the 105 votes cast for John Semertgakis.

In the only other contested race on Warren's ballot, Suzanne Flagg beat out Christina Collette, 175-80, for a three-year term as Library Trustee.

The remaining candidates — Susan Spencer (Treasurer), John Corso (Road Agent), Patricia M. Wilson (Cemetery Trustee), and Irving B. Cushing (Planning Board) — were unopposed.

Elected to a three-year term as Trustee of Trust Funds as a write-in was Marie Spencer. Sean Donahue, another write-in, will join Cushing on the Planning Board.

With no candidates filing for Overseer of Public Welfare, the write-in vote deadlocked, with four in favor of Janice Sackett and four in support of the Board

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