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Election Day turnout varied around the county

Few surprises in elections of town and school officials

At the polls in Ossipee VOTE NO ON ARTICLE 2 signs outside Ossipee Town Hall Tuesday perhaps helped sway voters as the article that would have updated the Ossipee Zoning Ordinace Water Resource Protection District section failed by a vote of 204 yes to 277 no. (Mellisa Ferland photo) (click for larger version)
March 10, 2011
REGION — Voters throughout the region took time to cast their ballots to elect officers, approve budgets and voice their opinions on zoning and other ordinances. The weather was perfect for voting with the sun shining and the temperature hovering around the 40-degree mark.


The most impressive turnout was in Tamworth. An astounding forty-two percent of the people in Tamworth cast a ballot in Tuesday's election. With a population of about 2,400 people, 1,010 of those people voted in the town election and 1,005 completed a school ballot.

Voters were asked by the planning board to adopt a groundwater protection ordinance but that request failed on a vote of 428 yes and 536 no. A move by petitioners to abolish the town's planning board also failed on a vote of 393 yes votes to 567 no votes.

Voters did like the idea of adopting an ordinance that makes it unlawful for dogs to run wild and approved the adoption of the town's first leash law on a vote of 606 yes to 345 no.

Incumbent John Roberts was re-elected with 616 votes, beating out Sandra Flanagan, who received 360 votes and Kent Jardine, who received 21.

Richard Roberts received 650 votes and will serve as road agent for three years. His opponent, Randall Gordon received 322 votes.

In a three-way race for two library trustee positions, Ann MacGarity (583) and Anne Chant (600) will take those positions, defeating opponent Melody Bergman, who received 302 votes.

Two planning board seats were up for grabs and Nicole Maher-Whiteside (512) and Domenic Bergen (502) will serve that board. Opponent David Goodson received 380 votes.

Harry Remick won the race for Tamworth Fireward against opponent Shawn Bross on a vote of 595-287.

In uncontested races, Mary Mills is treasurer, John Wheeler trustee of trust funds, and Alexander Cook received the most write-in votes for the other trustee position.

On the school ballot, Jack Waldron (575) and Marie LaBrie (506) are the three-year school board members, beating out Daniel Rowe (477) in a close race.

Kathi Brown received the most write-in votes for clerk and Crosby Kennett for treasurer. Kent Hemmingway (785) was elected moderator.

Tamworth voters were set to head to town meeting to vote on the 2011 budget Wednesday night, March 9, at K.A. Brett School. Results of that meeting will be available in next week's paper.


Election day brought 517 voters to the polls here, 17-percent of the town's 3,043 registered voters.

The "no" votes prevailed in a vote of 277-204 and shot down the planning board's attempt to update the town's water resource protection districts section of the zoning ordinance. A petitioned article to change a parcel of land on Route 25 from rural to commercial passed easily 298-156.

In uncontested races, Stephanie Milligan was elected trustee of trust funds, Elliott Harris as water/sewer commissioner, Jonathan Brown and Bruce Parsons as zoning board members, and Donna Sargent and Joseph Goss as budget committee members.

Incumbent selectman Harry Merrow was elected to another three-year term with 351 votes, ousting opponent Kevin Houle, who received 138 votes.

Rachel Ward with 416 votes and Joan O'Hara with 188 will serve as library trustees, beating out Robert Morin, who received 173 votes.

Though opponent and newcomer to town politics Stuart Feldman did receive a respectable 181 votes, it wasn't quite enough to win against Planning Board Chairman William Grover (276) and C.J. "Ski" Kwiatkowski (204) who were both re-elected to the planning board.

Ossipee voters were gearing up for Wednesday night's town meeting. Full coverage of that meeting will be available in next week's paper.


Susan Slack ran unopposed and will return for a two-year term as selectman. Slack will serve that board with John Meisner and Theresa Swanick. With 138 votes, Swanick's closest opponent was Henry Spencer, who received 122 votes.

Deanna Amaral and Maureen Spencer will serve three-year terms as library trustees with votes of 142 and 200 respectively after winning against opponents Celine Bergeron (56) and Michael Cauble (89).

Maureen Spencer and Michael Pilkovsky had no competition and were elected to budget committee seats.

Cauble ran unopposed and will serve as the town's moderator for another year.

Four people were vying for two planning board seats and it was a close race as Jory Augenti with 141 votes and William Piekut with 133 will take those seats. Stefan "Steve" Zalewski received 116 votes and Daniel "DJ" Sinapius received 108 votes.

Timothy White with 184 votes and Augenti with 160 votes will serve three-year terms on the zoning board, beating out Sinapius who received 105 votes.

David Manley was elected with 218 votes and Eric Potter as a write-in with 19 votes to serve as cemetery trustees. Christine Sanborn received 15 write-in votes.

Effingham voters will head to town meeting on Saturday morning, March 12, at 9 a.m. at Effingham Elementary School to vote on this year's budget. The parent-teacher organization will once again be selling food for the hungry voters. Following that meeting, the town's new fire chief, Randy Burbank, will also officially take office.


Voter turnout here was good with 507 of the town's 1,774 registered voters turning out to cast a ballot (28.6 percent).

The planning board here wanted to remove permanent farm stands and nurseries as uses permitted in the rural district of town. The voters said no in a vote of 263 to 199. All other zoning ordinance changes were easily approved by voters including updating the groundwater protection section (326 yes, 144 no) "to be consistent with state regulations and to add golf courses and race tracks as uses requiring conditional use permits from the planning board."

In the only contest race on the town ballot, Josh Shackford was elected with 281 votes to a three-year selectmen's seat, ousting incumbent Michael Benoit, who received 219 votes.

Andrew Smith, Mark Brown, Noreen Downs, James Allen and Brian Fowler were all elected to planning board seats. Catherine Tilton was re-elected as town treasurer. Ali Judkins will serve as trustee of trust funds and Peter Stevens, Ron Force and Beverly Klitsch as library trustees. David Chase was elected to budget committee, Richard Wells as fire commissioner and Jenifer Garside and Tamara Flanigan will serve as old home week committee members.

On the school ballot, voters here voted down the $20,157 budget for all-day kindergarten on a vote of 202 yes to 285 no. They approved the school operating budget $5,345,330 but voted down the district operating budget of $622,161, opting instead to revert to the default budget of $599,200. All other school budget items passed including spending $2,500 for a study to determine the feasibility of Madison withdrawing from the school district SAU 13 to join SAU 9 on a vote of 274 yes to 206 no.

Bruce Brooks (315 votes) and Sloane Papazian Jarell (250 votes) were elected to three-year school board positions with Sarah Parsons being defeated despite receiving 241 votes.

Kathleen Moore will serve as school treasurer, Melissa LaRoche as clerk and George Epstein as moderator after being unopposed and elected Tuesday.

Madison town voters are set to go to town meeting Saturday, March 12, at 9 a.m. at Madison Elementary School to vote on the 2011 budget items. Results of that meeting will be available in next week's paper.


In Wakefield none of the town elected positions were contested. Of the 34 remaining articles on the town warrant, all but three passed. The three that failed were: Article 5, a proposed zoning change to reduce the minimum required living area of a multi-family unit to 600 square feet; Article 29, a proposal to combined the Town Clerk and Tax Collector positions; and the controversial Article 31, a proposal to survey and design a Parks and Recreation building on the Wakefield ball field property using funds from a sale of timber on that lot.

In Wakefield school voting, Priscilla Colbath won re-election to the school board by a comfortable margin of 87 votes ahead of her nearest challenger, Vivian Macedo. The nine other articles on the school warrant also passed.

Governor Wentworth Regional School District

In the Governor Wentworth Regional School District voting there were no contested positions. Jim Manning won re-election as board member from Brookfield, Stacy Trites won re-election as board member from Wolfeboro, and Charlene Seibel won re-election as board member-at-large. Board member terms are for three years. Randy Walker won re-election as moderator for a one-year term. The four other articles on the school warrant also passed; however, the vote on Article II, the Support Staff Agreement, drew 1,449 no votes (vs. 1,993 in favor) and was voted down in Effingham and New Durham. Those two towns also voted against the operating budget, Article V. Since majority votes prevails, all articles passed, despite the losses in these two towns.

Please see separate article on the Freedom Town Meeting and election results.

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