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Lisbon town clerk may do state registrations

Northern Pass passed over

March 08, 2011
LISBON—A warrant article looking for the town to make a stand on the Northern Pass Power transmission project was passed over without comment, but voters did approve a petition warrant article that recommended the selectmen allow the town clerk handle the state portion of motor vehicle registrations.

How and if that will be done has yet to be determined, because as Town Administrator Regan Pride noted, there were no appropriations mentioned in the warrant article, nor any request to hire a new employee to handle that portion of registrations.

Town Clerk Charlotte Derosia said a new employee would be needed because she is also tax collector and handles water and waste bills.

The town clerk was authorized, however to collect an additional fee of $5 on registrations which would go into a fund to pay for sidewalk improvements. Around 2,000 vehicles are registered a year in Lisbon, which would bring in $10,000 a year for that purpose.

The $1.8 million operating budget was passed without change, as were funds to buy a front-end loader for $120,000.

A more complete story will be in next week's print edition of the Littleton Courier

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