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Arsenault hits 1,000 pointer against Timberwolves

Berlin Coach Don Picard stands proudly with Curtis Arsenault after making his 1,000 career point on Thursday. Jonathan Benton. (click for larger version)
February 24, 2011
BERLIN — It was an eventful evening for Berlin on Thursday with a solid Senior Day win against Prospect Mountain 57-46. It was their last game of the regular season, but nothing brought fans to the stands more then the chance to watch Curtis Arsenault make his 1,000th career point.

The air was electric as fans watched with anticipation for when Arsenault was going to make history. The all-around athlete had a hurt ankle from the Mounties bout with White Mountains earlier in the week so it was up to a whole roll of surgical tape and some blue collar determination to make the two more points he needed.

The Timberwolves' Pat Cassady broke the ice with a layup a minute in, but Tyler Baillargeon kept it even with a two-pointer of his own about 30 seconds later. Jake Drouin let loose a three-pointer soon after to put Berlin in a 5-2 lead.

The 1,000 point shot came on a breakaway run layup at the 5:27 mark. The response from the fans was as if a massive pressure had been released and a brief timeout allowed Arsenault's teammates and coaches to congratulate him, but the game wasn't over yet. Drouin kept the Berlin lead with another field goal, 9-4, with 2:48 left in the first quarter, but in that time the Timberwolves would catch up to the Mounties with the hosts barely ahead 14-13.

The second quarter would be a different story, however, with the visitors kept to a single digit and Berlin leaping ahead 19-9. Jeremy Michalik leapt onto the score board with a three-pointer only a minute into the second and would inevitably make three more before the end of the quarter. With less then 20 seconds left in the second canto Dimitri Giannos made a notable stand retrieving a missed Berlin shot when his team was already heading back to cover the net and got a free-throw out of the deal.

Prospect Mt. was starting to make a push in the third quarter, but would be kept to only one foul shot in the final four minutes of the canto. It was from the 3:55 mark and on that Berlin went on a seven point run starting with a Michalik three-pointer followed by two layups from Arsenault.

Despite his injury Arsenault just seemed to push right through the pain and led his team with 18 points making a total of 1,016 in his career by the end of the game. Michalik was right behind with 17 points including five three-pointers to his name.

Berlin stayed consistent through the fourth quarter with five scorers while Prospect Mt. was left without Team Captain Zack Drouin who fouled out with 40 seconds left in the game.

Berlin was 64 percent from the line going seven for 11 while Prospect Mountain was 60 percent going six for ten.

BHS 14-19-11-13—57

PMHS 13-9-10-14—46

Berlin 57

Baillargeon2-2-6, Giannos 0-1-1, King 1-0-2, Bacon 1-0-2, Donaldson 0-1-1, Michalik 6-0-17, Drouin 2-0-5, Arsenault 8-2-18, Aldrich 2-1-5: Total 22-7-57

Prospect Mountain 46

Drouin 2-0-4, Colien 2-0-6, Frangione 2-0-5, Cassidy 3-2-9, Mousseau 3-3-9, Roberts 2-0-4, Perrin 4-1-9: Totals 18-6-46

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