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Selectmen tackle numerous issues

February 22, 2011
ALTON — The Alton Board of Selectmen met on Monday, Feb. 14, and approved a number of issues brought forward by town administrator Russ Bailey.

Bailey informed the board that there will be a hearing at the next meeting with regards to the subdivision on Ariana Drive, which has gone into bankruptcy.

Bailey said the town received a letter from Lakes Region Public Access Television establishing a permanent position on their board of directors for a representative from Alton.

Selectman Peter Bolster will fill the interim roll on the board of directors until a replacement can be found, and Bob Longabaugh will be an alternate.

Vice chairperson Pat Fuller suggested that the town advertise the position and look for a citizen that is interested in filling the role.

Bailey also brought forward the property on Depot Road that is next to the town hall. The town is an abutter to the property, parking has been fixed on the property, but there is now an issue with the wetland set back that is within 20 feet of the boundary.

The town either needs to raise an objection or raise no objection, and then the case will go before the Department of Environmental Services.

Hussey recommended getting more information about the case and having building inspector John Dever at the next meeting.

As previously announced, the town was informed that the Alton Business Association cancelled Winter Carnival due to warm temperatures that would have caused too many problems on the ice.

Longabaugh came forward to the board and brought an issue that was raised at the School Deliberative Session.

The Budget Committee attempted to meet after the session but hadn't posted their meeting time in the proper timeline. Longabaugh suggested that the board review the RSA pertaining to proper posting and issue a memo to chairs of the different town committees and boards so that it is clear what is required.

A representative for Senator Kelly Ayotte came before the board and encouraged anyone to call her with any questions or concerns.

Bailey brought forward the issue of milfoil treatment on the river near the Jones' Field well. This area was treated previously because of potential contamination.

The DES is suggesting that if the town wants to treat this area they open an old well that has been shut down for many years.

According to Bailey, this would be very expensive, at least $10,000. The board approved a motion to keep the old well unopened.

Bailey presented the board with a pair of bids for two containers at the solid waste center, a 240-yard container and 145-yard compaction container.

The low bid came from Leavitt and Boucher Equipment LLC in the amount of $18,487 and was recommended by director Scott Simonds and was approved by the board.

The board also accepted a new town snowplowing policy and approved the submission of an annual report by the town engineer on the ground water monitoring that will be sent to the DES.

Bolster asked about the surface ground water contamination and was told by Bailey that all the contamination is deep under ground.

The board has been asked by town clerk and the tax collector to draft a letter to New Hampshire Legislature in opposition of a pair of bills.

The first bill would allow dealers to register vehicles at dealerships. The argument for the dealers on this bill is that it would make it more convenient for the consumer, but it would also create a loss of control for the towns.

The second bill would reduce interest rates, which would result in the loss of approximately $75,000 annually. Delinquent payments would also increase.

The board voted to draft a pair of letters showing opposition to each of the above bills.

Bailey announced that the town had recently received a check for $19,285 from the county, which is for the purchase of three police vehicles. The board voted to accept the funds.

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation sent a letter looking for input on the project that will be happening on Stockbridge Corner Road and Route 28.

A date hasn't been established for the start of this project, but it is scheduled to be finished before September.

The board approved the recommendations by the town assessor for land use items and the installation of three poles by Public Service of New Hampshire.

Member Loring Carr brought forward an example of purchasing new equipment, where an employee made got eight different quotes. Carr said that continuing to follow this process will save money.

"Our new position on equipment is starting to work," Hussey agreed.

Roger Sample came forward to the board asking for clarification on a construction project that has been stopped by Dever.

Bolster responded to Sample's request for the board to rule on the issue.

"If this is a building inspector problem what he says stands," Bolster said. "We can't overrule him."

Hussey explained what the next step for Sample would be.

"If you feel what he is saying is wrong, you can appeal it to the zoning board," Hussey said.

Sample would like a ruling on the issue in the near future.

Bolster told Sample that board will try to get an answer, and if Sample doesn't like the response, he should appeal it to the ZBA.

The Alton Board of Selectmen is scheduled to meet next on Monday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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