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SB2 among articles on the Moultonboro warrant

February 09, 2011
MOULTONBORO — SB2 and road maintenance are among the articles to be decided by voters at this year's town meeting.

On Thursday, the Board of Selectmen and the Advisory Budget Committee reviewed the proposed warrant and made respective votes to recommend or not recommend articles.

Moultonboro voters will be deciding on a petition warrant article for the adoption of SB2. The Official Ballot Act, also known as SB2, would replace the traditional town meeting with a deliberative session and ballot voting on warrant articles.

Both the Board of Selectmen and the ABC voted in unanimous opposition to the SB2 article. SB2 in Moultonboro will be decided on by a ballot vote on Election Day.

Both the selectmen and the ABC unanimously recommended the article to raise and appropriate $733,000 for the road improvement program. Selectman Ed Charest, who previously expressed trepidation with this article during the previous meeting, said he was not happy with the figure but voted in favor.

Charest said he was looking on issues in the town while watching the events unfolding in Egypt.

"It amazes me we can have such a country where we can have all these arguments and discussions and come to a consensus," Charest said.

Charest did vote opposing recommendation of discontinuing the Recreation Revolving Fund. The fund, which Recreation Director Donna Kuethe said previously mostly consisted of user fees going back into Recreation Programs, contains $163,322. Terenzini said the DRA advised that state statute does not specifically say what will happen when that fund is dissolved, whereas the dissolution of other types of funds will results in money going into the general fund.

In a vote of four to one, the Board of Selectmen recommended an article allocating 25 percent of the collected Land Use Change Tax revenue not to exceed $20,000 per year and deposit the money in the Conservation Fund. Selectman Karel Crawford was the only selectman in opposition, though four members of the ABC voted to not recommend the article. Kathy Garry was the only one who voted in favor.

Article17 is a petition warrant article calling for the fee for the Waste Management facility and Beach Permit be set at $10 with seniors aged 65 and older paying $5. Both the Board and the ABC voted unanimously against recommending this article. The town raised the price to $20. Mudgett said that is still lower than many other towns and people would have to show an ID in order to get a discount.

Terenzini said DRA advised that a few petition warrant articles calling for monetary contributions be edited to include the phrase "to raise and appropriate" to clarify the language. Members of the board were agreeable as long as this would be the only change.

All members of the Board voted to abstain from recommending the article for the town to accept Victory Lane, as they wanted to make sure the road met all the conditions. Four members of the ABC voted against recommendation and two abstained.

Not including each warrant article, this year's proposed budget is $7,856,268, an article unanimously approved by both the selectmen and the ABC. Both also unanimously approved the proposed library budget of $444,060.

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