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Selectmen contests predominate in area towns

Wakefield is the exception as incumbents draw challengers

February 03, 2011
REGION — A review of candidate followings shows that in all but one of our area towns most contests are for open selectmen positions, and most incumbent selectmen are facing challengers. The single exception is in Wakefield where incumbent Ken Paul is running unopposed for a second term.

The filing period for town offices opened on Jan. 19 and closed last Friday, Jan. 28 at 5 p.m.

Wolfeboro contests

In Wolfeboro there are two sets of selectmen contests. The first is a three-way contest for two open positions with three-year terms. Incumbents Linda Murray and Dave Senecal are running for re-election, Murray for a third term and Senecal for a second. Both are being challenged by G. Thomas Bickford, an attorney who recently was successful challenging his termination as a volunteer firefighter in Wolfeboro. Bickford originally filed for the one-year position but withdrew that filing on Jan. 26 in favor of filing for the three-year term.

The second, larger selectmen's contest, is for the one-year position, a seat vacated by last fall by Marge Webster. The four contenders include Dave Bowers, James Cross, Juliann Cloutier Jacobs and John R. White. Bowers is the author of the three-volume "History of Wolfeboro" and the "Looking Back" weekly column for this newspaper, and an appointed member of the Wolfeboro 250th Committee. The other three candidates are new to town public office, although White has twice run for state representative in Carrol County District 4.

The only other Wolfeboro contest is a four-way contest for three open positions on the Budget Committee. Incumbents Brian Black and John T. MacDonald are running for re-election while Donald Faul and Stan Stevens are also looking for a three-year term on the committee. Incumbent Scott Smith did not file for another term. Stevens has served on the committee before and also served as state representative.

The only other surprise in the filings with that Curt Pike did not file for re-election as police commissioner for three years. Instead Bob Copeland is running unopposed for that open seat.

Candidates for all other positions are incumbents running unopposed, including Jane Newcomb and John Sandeen for three-year terms as library trustees, Christine Franson and Stacie Pope for three-year terms as planning board members, Barbara Hunt for Supervisor of the Checklist for one year, Pat Waterman for Town Clerk for another three-year term, John Burt for Treasurer for another one-year term and Ralph Joslin for Trustee of Trust Funds for another three-year term.

Tuftonboro contests

In Tuftonboro there are three contested positions.

The first is for the three-year term as selectman, where incumbent Carolyn Sundquist is being challenged by Ted Wright. A former planning board member, Wright ran for selectmen last year against Dan Duffy in 2009 and drew 210 votes against Duffy's 338.

The second contest is for Road Agent, where incumbent Jim Bean is facing three challengers: John Lapolla, Jeff Moody and Frank Tranchita. Of the three only Tranchita has run for the position previously in 2009 when he lost to Steve Hunter, who subsequently resigned.

The third Tuftonboro contest is for library trustee for three years where both Tony Lyon and Paul Matlock are candidates for the single open position.

Candidates for all other positions are incumbents running unopposed, including Wayne Black and Tyler Phillips for the Budget Committee for three years, Betsy McCarthy for both Cemetery Trustee and Trustee of the Trust Funds for three years, Jackie Rollins for Tax Collector for three years, Heather Cubeddu for Town Clerk for three years, and Eric Letendre as Trustee of the Trust Funds for two years.

Brookfield contests

In Brookfield the only contest is for the three-year selectman's position, to replace Craig Evans, who is not running for a second term. Former selectman William Nelson wants to return to the board while Susan Marquis and Steve Michalsky want to join it for the first time.

Only one candidate, James Freeman, signed up for the two planning board positions for three years, so there will have to be a write-in candidate or someone will have to be appointed.

The other five positions have candidates running unopposed: Marilyn Bushman and John Nelson returning as auditors for one and two years respectively, Tom Giguere and Richard Nordin for Trustee of the Trust Funds for three and two years respectively, and Craig Evans for Cemetery Trustee for three years.

Wakefield contests

Wakefield is the only town of our four where there is no contest for selectman or any other position, for that matter but three other incumbents are not running for re-election to their positions.

Selectman Ken Paul is running unopposed for a second three-year term. Also running unopposed are Monique Wood for a two-year term as Town Clerk, Heidi Smith for a one-year term as Treasurer (replacing Chris Fothergill, who is not running for re-election), Relf Fogg for re-election to a three-year term as Assessor, and Toni Sanborn as library trustee.

On the Budget Committee Relf Fogg and Connie Twombley are running for re-relection to a three-year term. Jerry O'Connor is the candidate for the third open position, also for a three-year term.

In the remaining three unopposed positions Charlie Edwards is running for a three-year term on the planning board, replacing Donna Faucette; Philip Twombley is running for a three-year term as Cemetery Trustee, replacing Dennis Herman; and Bruce Rich is for a three-year term as Trustee of Trust Funds.

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