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Tidd dominates Lakes Region Championships

Prospect skier races to first in slalom and giant slalom

DANIELLE TIDD tears through the slalom course at Gunstock on Thursday, Jan. 27. Kathy Sutherland. (click for larger version)
January 31, 2011
GILFORD — It was a banner day for Prospect Mountain's Danielle Tidd.

The Timber Wolf skier raced to first place in both the slalom and the giant slalom at the annual Lakes Region Championships at Gunstock on Thursday, Jan. 27.

The start of the meet was delayed by a couple of hours due to the morning snow that postponed school in a few districts, but the delay didn't seem to bother Tidd.

She captured first in the slalom with a first run of 36.51 and a second run of 37.31 for a combined time of 1:13.82. Her closest competitor was almost seven seconds behind.

Amanda Zaino came home second for the Timber Wolves, as she raced to 34th place in a combined time of 2:23.17, while Lauren Stearns was the final scorer for the Prospect girls, finishing in 2:53.51. Michelle Laliberte also raced for Prospect but didn't record a time in the first run.

In the giant slalom, Tidd posted times of 37.96 seconds and 37.8 seconds for a combined time of 1:15.76. She bested her closest competitor by more than four seconds.

Zaino was again second for Prospect, finishing in 37th place in 2:10.12 and Stearns finished 38th in 2:37.47. Laliberte was unable to complete her first run.

The Prospect girls came home sixth in both events, tying with Inter-Lakes in the giant slalom.

The Prospect boys skied to fifth in the slalom.

Tyler Finethy led the way for the Timber Wolves, picking up a combined time of 1:25.74, which placed him 11th overall.

Mike Schrider was second for Prospect, finishing 25th overall in 1:49.82, with Kameron Hutchins racing to 26th place in a time of 1:59.02 for his two runs. Chris Magill rounded out the field of Timber Wolves with a combined time of 2:21.43 for 36th place.

The Prospect boys finished tied for sixth in the giant slalom, earning a tie with Laconia.

Finethy again was the top Timber Wolf, as he raced to 11th overall for the second time on the day, finishing with a combined time of 1:22.03.

Schrider was again second for the Prospect boys, as he placed 31st in 1:36.12 and Hutchins took 33rd place with a combined time of 1:38.89. Magill completed his first run but did not cross the line in his second run.

The Prospect ski team will finish its regular season with a meet at Sunapee on Friday, Feb. 4, before heading to the State Meets.

The girls' State Meet will be at Pat's Peak on Monday, Feb. 7, at 10 a.m. The boys' State Meet will also be at Pat's Peak and will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 8, at 10 a.m.

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