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Fishing for evidence?

THE N.H. FISH & GAME DIVE TEAM showed up in Wolfeboro on Tuesday, Jan. 25, cut holes in the off of Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard, and went diving as part of an “ongoing investigation by the State Police Major Crimes Unit.” (Courtesy photo by Ron Paquette) (click for larger version)
January 27, 2011
WOLFEBORO — It seemed like more than just coincidence that following the broadcast of the "20/20" program on the Stacey Burns murder case last Friday, Jan. 21, that a N.H. Fish & Game Dive Team would show up in Wolfeboro, cut triangular holes in the ice off Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard on Sewall Road and start diving under the ice on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

Reporter Elissa Paquette investigated and was directed to N.H. State Trooper Jeffrey Ardini. According to Ardini, the dive took place in conjunction with an ongoing investigation of the N.H. State Major Crimes Unit. Ardini declined to name the investigation specifically and would neither confirm nor deny the presence of evidence.

Perhaps the ABC program has prompted a witness to come forward with a lead. The State Police Department of Investigations 24 hour tipline is (603) 223-8566.

– The Editor

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