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Counterfeit money in circulation in Berlin

January 26, 2011
BERLIN — Counterfeit twenty dollar bills are in circulation in Berlin and several businesses have intercepted them. The Big Apple had a counterfeit incident as did the Irving on Glen Avenue.

Eric Trask, a newly hired clerk at the Big Apple, said that he had identified one of the counterfeit bills when a customer had tried to use it. "I've been trained on it in the past [identifying counterfeit bills]," Trask said. "The bill was darker and feathered, so I assumed it was fake."

When Trask marked the bill, it indeed turned out to be counterfeit. Trask called the police and handed the bill over to them. The customer who gave him the bill paid for his purchase with non-counterfeit money and gave the bill willingly to Trask. The customer would not wait for the police to arrive and instead gave Trask his name and a phone number.

After that incident, Trask said the management went through some of the nightly drops and found one other counterfeit bill.

A manager at the Circle K/Irving Station on Glen Avenue confirmed that a counterfeit bill had been received, but referred all questions to the corporate office. The corporate office had no one available for comment.

Deputy Chief of Police, Brian Valerino, said that he could not release much information at the time because the matter is still under investigation, but he said that the Berlin Police have been in contact with federal authorities. For businesses, Valerino said that if they suspect they have a counterfeit bill (the bills look different from regular ones), they should contact the Berlin Police. Valerino said that at the moment there are only counterfeit twenties circulating and no other denominations.

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