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Giunta sworn in as interim Sanbornton selectman

January 19, 2011
SANBORNTON — Former Selectman Guy Giunta was back in familiar territory last Wednesday night when he was again sworn in to fill a seat on the Board of Selectman left vacant by Steve Ober.

Ober had to leave his position due to time and travel constraints from a new job he had accepted.

Selectman unanimously voted to offer Giunta the seat, stating that despite a good selection of prospective candidates, a former selectman would be appropriate to jump in midway through Ober's term. Chairman David Nickerson pointed out at the Jan. 5 board meeting that Giunta was on the select board when the Y Project, an ongoing endeavor to reconstruct some roads in the town, began, and he felt it appropriate to have Giunta return to aid in that process.

"He's been a part of the Y Project since it started and his knowledge could be very useful in finishing it all up now," Nickerson said.

Giunta was a member of the board from 2003 until 2006 when he chose not to run for re-election. He said he was honored to be asked to serve the town again, saying he had "gone into retirement (as a selectman), but I guess they want me back to help out now."

He has served the town in a number of capacities over the years, including his recent election to the Cemetery Board of Trustees in 2010, which he now chairs. Giunta said he assisted in the development of the new cemetery in Sanbornton and also served on the Budget Committee for nearly a decade, from the mid '80s into the mid '90s. Returning to the select board, he said he has one overall goal in mind.

"I just hope to be of some assistance and be an asset to the town," Giunta said.

Giunta is employed by the Department of Transportation as a landscape specialist supervisor, where he is in charge of the landscaping all along the state highway system.

"I oversee the planting of lilacs and wildflowers on the roadways in the state. It's a great job that helps keep New Hampshire beautiful," he said.

He also is the chair of the state's Lilac Commission, which was begun in 1984 and advocates the use of both the state flower and other natural species to beautify highways and promote tourism throughout New Hampshire.

When asked about his past role in the Y Project, Giunta said he is very familiar with the project, having worked on it "since the early days." While he acknowledged work on the roads involved in the project had come a long way, he now hopes to be of any assistance he can be to finish what the town started several years ago.

"I really want to see this job wrapped up in the next year. It's been a long time and I'll do everything I can to help finish the job," he said.

While Giunta's temporary seat on the board will be up for reelection in May for the final year of Ober's three-year term, he said he has made no decisions as of yet to run for the seat.

"I'm just happy to be asked to help out for now," he said.

Also sworn it that evening was Russ Spearman, who has accepted a position as an alternate to the Library Trustees.

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