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Town property tax rates vary widely in county

January 20, 2011
COUNTY — Town selectmen and budget committees throughout the county are working to put the finishing touches on the proposed budgets for 2011 that they will take to voters in the next few months. And voters will choose their spending carefully as they consider what impact it will have on their property tax rate.

In the meantime, the final town tax rates for 2010 have been determined.

Of the Carroll County towns, Conway has the highest tax rate at $17.87 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, with Tamworth coming in a close second at $17.75.

A majority of towns in Carroll County have tax rates that hover close to the county average of $12.11 including Albany ($10.89), Chatham ($11.14), Eaton ($10.85), Freedom ($10.90), Sandwich ($10.81), Wakefield ($11.69) and Wolfeboro ($11.04).

Ossipee is divided into three fire precincts and each assesses a precinct tax that is based on the precinct's annual budget and assessed value.

The current property value of Center Ossipee is $323,972,406 and their total tax rate is $16,19. Ossipee Corner Precinct's value of all taxable property in that precinct is $204,951,271 with a tax rate of $16.76. And at the other end of town, property value in West Ossipee is currently $173,820,327 with a total tax rate of $18.04. Ossipee's base rate which includes town, county and school tax prior to tacking on the fire precinct tax is $14.99.

Based on information from NH Department of Revenue Administration, the remaining town tax rates in Carroll County are as follows, in alphabetical order: Bartlett $9.15, Brookfield $14.20, Effingham $16.05, Hale's Location $3.04, Hart's Location $7.26, Jackson $10.00, Madison $13.98, Moultonborough $8.12, and Tuftonboro $8.49.

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