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"20/20" program on Stacey Burns murder airs this Friday

Stacey's brother Michael Keane was family contact for ABC producers

STACEY BURNS at her daughter’s preschool graduation. (Photo courtesy of Michael Keane) (click for larger version)
January 20, 2011
WOLFEBORO — The long-awaited and much-anticipated ABC 20/20 Stacey Burns story is scheduled to air this Friday night, Jan. 21, at 10 p.m.

There is no answer yet as to who murdered the effervescent mother of five young children at her North Main Street home in Wolfeboro on Mother's Day, May 10, 2009, leaving her family, friends and community to wonder if the case will ever be solved.

That mystery is the impetus for the family's cooperation in ABC's investigation and report. The grieving family chose Stacey's brother Michael Keane to lead the way through the many questions, many of which they have answered before, about the circumstances surrounding her murder.

Now, as the date of the program approaches, Keane says that he believes the producer "Brooke Stangeland and her colleagues have worked diligently … in trying to understand the many complexities of Stacey's story" and tell it "with accuracy and heart. I hope and pray that they have accomplished this difficult task as well as honoring my sister appropriately."

He says that the family wants to keep pressure on the New Hampshire State Police and "continue to put pressure on the monster who committed this heinous crime. We also hope that there might be someone who is currently protecting the murderer that will come forward and share anything that they might know."

The children are at the forefront of his concern, too. The family has set up a trust to assist them in "leading as normal a life as possible and attend college and pursue other educational goals if they so choose." Perhaps the show will bring attention to their needs.

And there are friends to thank as well, especially those "who have helped with the difficult challenge of taking part in the 20/20 piece. Our family is aware that they did so knowing that my sister's murderer is still at large and could be walking the streets of Wolfeboro."

Keane ponders the wisdom of his family's decision, but says, "Perhaps it can help catch a killer. Perhaps it can assist others who find themselves in a similar situation understand the signs of obsession and seek help. Perhaps it can help Stacey's case...maybe it won't… but doing nothing is the worst thing of all. Please continue to pray for our family, and especially Stacey's children, as we live through this horribly difficult time."

The story will air as the second anniversary of Burns horrific murder approaches. Perhaps it will help the Keane family's wishes come true. The family also wants to "keep Stacey's memory fresh in all of our minds…her spirit was so vivid that even though there is immeasurable pain, thinking of Stacey still makes anyone who loved her smile."

The number of the N.H. State Police Dept. of Investigations' 24 hour tip line is (603) 223-8566.

To visit the "Stacey Keane Burns Memorial Website," go to http://staceyburnsmemorial.org.

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