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Zoning change petition finds little support

Planning board comes out unanimously against change

January 18, 2011
ALTON — A packed crowd greeted the Alton Planning Board at its most recent meeting, held Jan. 11 at the Gilman Museum.

Most were in attendance to weigh in on the petition that has been filed asking that the town change the zoning from a Rural Zone to a Lakeshore Residential Zone for the following area: All lands bounded on the northerly, easterly and southerly by Robert's Cove Road and bounded westerly by New Hampshire Route 28.

Stephen Nix was in attendance to represent the petitioners.

According to Nix, the main reason for the petition is because of a recently opened commercial poultry business and the petitioners don't want the area to be overrun by farms and noise throughout the community.

The poultry business was presented later to be a small amount of roosters on a neighbor's yard and is not a commercial entity.

"I ask the board to look at not just what is inside the lines but the impact to the abutters," Nix said.

Chairman Tim Roy informed Nix that if the zoning was changed, the roosters wouldn't go away.

Nix claimed that the roosters wouldn't be grandfathered in.

Many members of the affected area objected to changing the zoning, claiming that their taxes would go up, and the re-zoning would allow more houses to be built in the area.

The board members also objected to making the change because they will probably be re-zoning the entire town in the near future.

A protest petition has also been filed with the town, which means that when this petition goes to vote on the town's ballot, it will require a two-thirds majority to be passed rather than a simple majority vote.

The planning board unanimously voted in objection to the petition 6-0.

The board also reviewed the case P10-15, the major site plan review of 640 Suncook Valley Road.

Debbie Glazier is attempting to open up a doggy day care center on the property.

The board granted her approval on a waiver for storm-water management for erosion and drainage.

The board approved the allowance of up to eight dogs on site, and member Cindy Balcius suggested to Glazier that if she needs to extend that number to come back to the board at a later date.

The board also discussed several warrant articles that will be brought forward to the town for a vote in March.

There was heavy discussion on Article 3. This article would add the definition of a "Function Facility" to Article 200 and would add "Function Facility" to the Table of Uses as a use allowed by Conditional Use Permit in accordance with RSA 674:21 in the Rural Residential, Rural and Recreational Services.

The article wouldn't affect private functions on private property, but would allow businesses to hold functions, be it indoor or outdoor, as long as they weren't operating purely as a "Function Facility."

The Alton Planning Board has its next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 22, at the Alton Town Hall at 6 p.m.

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