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Mixed bag of hopes for the New Year, although jobs remain in forefront

January 05, 2011
BERLIN — The Androscoggin Valley has plenty of hopes for 2011 with jobs at the top of that list. A quick survey of folks in Berlin found that their wishes for the New Year varied from broad to specific, but shared a common theme of optimism.

Audrey Couture said that she herself does not have any great expectations for the year, although she would like to see "no more prisons" as well as "more jobs."

Michael St.Onge, an employee at IGA, said that he wants a "healthy lifeI'm expecting my first child in February and so I want to be happy and healthy."

Gary Coulombe, one of the new representatives of Cos County in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, said that he was sworn in Dec.1 and the sessions start on Jan.5. He said that for this year, he would like to see more jobs, more small businesses coming to the area, and a bigger tax base, meaning that he wanted to see more occupied properties in the area.

Marc Tremblay, the New Hampshire Representative of District 4 for Cos County said that for 2011 "I see substantial construction job opportunities when the Laidlaw biomass project begins its construction. Good news was received late in the year of 2010 when Brookfield Power announced it's partnership with Granite Reliable Power for it's proposed 99 MW Windmill Project. I feel confident that we will see construction on this project very soon." He added that he thinks that the opening of the federal prison in 2011 will bring in "many needed jobs and an influx of dollars from its operational needs."

Tremblay said he remained optimistic that the Cascade Paper Mill will open once again and put 240 people back to work. He said that he believes the worst is behind us and he has hope for a bright future for the area.

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