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Ashland murder suspect mentally ill, says family

December 21, 2010
ASHLAND—As the grieving family and friends of Kevin Doane held funeral services in Laconia this past weekend, the family and friends of his accused murderer also struggled to come to grips with the crime.

Doane, 54, was stabbed to death on Wednesday, Dec. 8 in his apartment at 30 Main St. in Ashland. Doane, a 1975 graduate of Laconia High School, was a father of three and had worked as a carpenter at Winnipesaukee Marine Construction for the last 20 years. He was laid to rest this past Saturday, Dec. 18, in St. Lambert Cemetery in Laconia following a funeral service at St. Andre Bessette Parish, St. Joseph Church.

Doane was remembered as a loving father and an avid outdoorsman who loved camping and fishing. Mourning friends and family members recalled him as someone who was quick to help others and treated everyone like a friend.

Last Thursday, Dec. 16, 35-year-old Faerrie Ray appeared before Judge Thomas A. Rappa in Plymouth District Court, charged with two counts of second degree murder in connection with Doane's stabbing death. After waiving a Probable Cause hearing, Ray remains in custody, and will be held without bail at the Grafton County Department of Corrections pending further developments in Grafton Superior Court.

In court last Thursday, Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinkley filed an amended complaint, correcting the name of the defendant to Faerrie Ray. She had initially given the name Clair Jax to police when she was arrested last week.

The details of the case against Ray, including the warrant and affadavits, have been sealed to the public pending the outcome of further investigation, but Ray's family members were eager to talk about the events that led to the tragic incident.

Ray's former boyfriend, Sean Kelly, and her mother, Cathelma Ray of Buffalo, N.Y., agreed to meet with reporters last week, saying they were eager to get the facts out about their frantic efforts to locate Faerrie prior to the crime. They told reporters that Faerrie Ray has been suffering mental illness since she was a teenager, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She currently believes her name is Clair Jax, a false name made up from a combinations of names of characters from her favorite soap opera, "General Hospital," and did not appear to recognize her family members during a visit in jail last week.

According to Kelly, up until August of this year, Ray was living in Buffalo, N.Y., receiving treatment for her condition, and on medication. She had put herself through nursing school.

"She was doing a wonderful job of taking care of her 15-year-old son, who is very sick with Sickle Cell Anemia," said Kelly.

But sometime in August, Kelly says Ray suffered a bad "episode" in which she was convinced someone was following her and trying to kill her. Without warning, she took all of her money out of the bank, bought two plane tickets to Logan Airport and brought her son with her to Boston. Shortly after, she threw all of her identification away.

While in Boston she waved down Boston Police, telling them that someone was trying to kill her.

Ray and her son were taken to Mass General Hospital for evaluation, and custody of the 15-year-old was taken away from Ray when it became evident that he was very ill and was not receiving necessary treatment for his Anemia.

That same day, Ray walked out of the hospital and disappeared. Her son is currently staying with family members. Ray was reported missing, and the family made repeated efforts to find her, appearing on television in the Buffalo area with an appeal for help and traveling to Boston to visit the hospitals and homeless shelters, circulating a flyer with her picture, to no avail, until they received the phone call from New Hampshire State Police last week telling them she had been arrested for murder.

"I feel so bad for the (Doane) family," said a tearful Cathelma Ray. "Our hearts and prayers go out to them. But if my daughter did this, and I am doubting, as a mother, because the person I know could never have done this, then this could have been avoided."

Cathelma Ray said she never stopped calling the Boston Police and the news media, begging them to circulate reports of her daughter's disappearance and help find her.

"I was afraid for my daughter's life," she said. "I didn't want anyone to get hurt. I am so sorry."

Kelly says that no one knows how Faerrie Ray got to New Hampshire. Doane had apparently taken her in nearly a month before the murder, and was attempting to help her get a job. Kelly said that state police told the family that police had been called to Doane's residence in Ashland for reports of arguments and fights on at least two occasions prior to the murder.

"If her picture had been widely circulated by Boston police and the news media, someone would have recognized her as the missing woman," said Kelly.

"Why didn't they take her and have her evaluated from day one?" asked a distraught Cathelma Ray. "Right now, I want to see my daughter out of a jail cell and into a mental institution, where she can get the help she needs."

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