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Students, seniors come together for a tea party

SENIORS fill the Alton Senior Center as it was turned into a Holiday Tea Party Monday afternoon. Tim Croes. (click for larger version)
December 21, 2010
ALTON — The Alton Senior Center was recently turned into a festive tea party with the help from students from Prospect Mountain High School.

The Holiday Tea Party at the Alton Senior Center was organized by Sally Casoni, who is a Distance Learning Facilitator at PMHS, but the students from Alton and Barnstead really made the event happen.

"Everybody was ready to jump on board," Casoni said. "Students picked where they wanted to help out."

The tea party was held on Monday, Dec. 20, and the Alton Senior Center was packed full of interested parties from both Alton and Barnstead.

Casoni made her specialties; lemon curd and scones with four kinds of tea sandwiches. But the students at PMHS made their own treats as well.

Students enrolled in the family and consumer sciences program baked various cookies and other treats to be served with the tea. They also helped make ornaments that were given out to seniors.

As a special treat, members of the high school select choir came and filled the air with Christmas joy by taking requests from the crowd.

Casoni is now working on hosting afternoon program get togethers called, "I have a story to tell." The stories will be recorded for others to view, and the program will begin in January.

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