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Ossipee boundary line survey complete

OSSIPEE SELECTMEN (left to right, seated) Kathleen Maloney, Harry Merrow and Morton Leavitt inspect a boundary marker from Surveyor Paul King of Tamworth. (Mellisa Ferland photo) (click for larger version)
December 16, 2010
OSSIPEE — Surveyor Paul King of Tamworth has finished the perambulation for the town and now the boundary between Tuftonboro and Ossipee is clear.

With this year's completion of Ossipee's new property tax maps, it was time to hire someone to walk the line and clearly mark the boundary between the two towns as there were certain areas not clear from the digital mapping process. Splitting the cost of $6,000 between the two towns, selectmen agreed to hire King to do the job. King provided selectmen with several copies of maps and marker points he created.

Perambulation actually dates back to colonial times in New England. Perambulate means to make an official inspection of a boundary on foot. State law requires in NH RSA 51:2 "Perambulation of Town Lines. - The lines between the towns in this state shall be perambulated, and the marks and bounds renewed, once in every seven years forever, by the selectmen of the towns, or by such persons as they shall in writing appoint for that purpose."

Copies of King's findings are available for review at Ossipee Town Hall.

Other business

In other news from the selectmen's meeting, the board voted to accept the contract wording and will put out a request for proposals for the town's multi-year assessing contract. The advertisement will be on the town's Web site as well at www.ossipee.org.

The town's bookkeeper, Joanne Churchill, has resigned, and selectmen plan to post an advertisement for that position on the Web site and at town hall.

Selectman Morton Leavitt suggested his fellow board members consider placing $40,000 from the town's surplus fund into a trust fund to be used in the future for milfoil remediation in Ossipee Lake. Leavitt urged to board to remember the lakefront property owners generate a large percentage of the taxes collected in Ossipee, and the lake is the town's most precious resource and should be protected.

Selectman Chairman Harry Merrow said he does not disagree with Leavitt's idea but asked that any decisions be put on hold until they meet in January to discuss warrant articles that will be on the town meeting agenda.

Merrow said the board already has plans to use part of the surplus for purchasing a new truck for the highway department, two new police cruisers and using a portion of surplus to offset taxes. Even with these deductions from surplus, said Leavitt, the town will still have 17-18 percent of its gross annual budget in surplus to be used in the event of an emergency.

Selectmen have not sent their recommendations to the budget committee for the 2011 recreation, zoning and public works budgets. They hope to finish those up at their next meeting Dec. 20.

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