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Pub Mania raises $61,550 for WLNH Children's Auction

Co-owner of Patrick’s Pub Allen Beetle welcomes all teams to the second annual Pub Mania event Thursday morning, a fundraiser which directly benefits the WLNH Children’s Auction. Lauren Tiner. (click for larger version)
December 15, 2010
Dozens of teammates decked out in red and green or bearing Pub Mania's official theme, "Santa Can you Hear Me," lined the bar at Patrick's Pub well before 9 a.m. last Thursday.

Enthusiastic team members, t-shirt sales, and Patrick's 20 percent donation of gross proceeds for the day helped raise $61,550 in all for the WLNH Children's Auction this year.

Laconia Mayor Michael Seymour graced the opening of the event and declared last Thursday to be the official "Pub Mania Day," and encouraged the community to participate in such events to benefit the children of the Lakes Region during the holiday season.

While the crowd was already rowdy and filled with holiday cheer during the first few hours of the event, referees planned to man the bar and hold silly activities for the remaining 24 hours to ensure that "culinary athletes" kept in line and racked up additional team points.

During the 24-hour bar stool challenge, teams could win additional points and qualify for titles such as "Best Team Performance," and "Most Money Raised," to inspire more team members to participate and give their all for a good cause.

About 28 teams, almost 700 participants in all from local businesses, organizations, and Patrick's Pub and Eatery, donated 24 hours to the second annual Pub Mania event, which directly benefits the Children's Auction.

Each teammate was asked to donate a minimum of $42 each and to donate an hour of time each on a barstool at the pub over the course of 24 hours last Thursday into Friday morning. Each individual team aimed to raise $1,000 each.

Co-owner of Patrick's Allen Beetle planned to referee the event throughout the 24 hours and greeted culinary athletes to Pub Mania Thursday morning during the opening of game events.

Beetle said Patrick's held the first Pub Mania event last year and raised $47,000. The goal was to surpass this number by a dollar this year, but it was surpassed by a landslide.

The popular event, a spinoff of another local business's idea, seems as though it is here to stay.

"The whole concept was taken from Tom Oakley at the Laconia Athletic and Swim Club," said Beetle prior to the event.

The concept was taken from the Laconia facility's "Cycle Mania" event, which also involved multiple teams attempting to raise $1,000 each for the auction through pledges or personal donations, yet teams devoted one out of a full 24 hours each to a stationary bike rather than a bar stool.

"I thought if they could do this, then we could do the same concept except with a barstool and serve food and beverages," said Beetle. "Every hour is different and the referees and I plan to stay the full 24 hours and judge teams on multiple criteria in all sorts of fun ways to add or deduct points."

During activity hours, teams also had a chance to rack up more points by participating in karaoke, hula hoop contests, and more into the wee hours.

"The whole idea is to raise money for the WLNH Children's Auction and to have a great time doing it," said Beetle. "It has been an ambitious but fun undertaking. We had no idea how much money we could raise."

Some of the local organizations and businesses that participated in the 2010 Pub Mania event included LRGHealthcare who represented four teams, Steve Smith and Associates, Gilford Professional Firefighters, numerous Patrick's Pub teams including the "Bar Flies," the Meadowbrook and Nassau Broadcasting team and Laconia Athletic and Swim Club, the top two teams as of last year's event.

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