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Bullying, budget on the docket for JMA

December 14, 2010
ALTON — The JMA School Board met on Tuesday, Dec. 7, at Prospect Mountain High School.

Prior to the meeting, Superintendent Paul Bartolomucci presented the board with a presentation on bullying as part of the public hearing on the revisions to the Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Act.

Bartolomucci guided the board through the process that the school has set up to record and report acts of bullying on school property.

Bartolomucci stressed to the board that online bullying is on the rise.

Board member Diane Beijer suggested that a stipulation of how to deal with bullying involving students outside of the school system be added.

Steve Miller came in front of the board and asked that they review the current policy for admitting students into the National Honor Society.

According to Miller, his son, Danny, was denied admission to the exclusive group because all his paperwork was not submitted on time.

Chair Lynda Goossens told Miller that they would look into it, but she wasn't sure what power the board has on this particular issue.

Student representative Courtney Bennett reported to the board that a recent coffeehouse held at the high school was a success. Bennett also highlighted the upcoming holiday concert that will be held today, Dec. 16.

Principal Jay Fitzpatrick reported to the board that progress reports recently went out. Fitzpatrick also said that 14 new members were recently inducted into the National Honor Society.

Fitzpatrick said that that school is working on writing next year's program of studies. He also said that the student council is planning on sponsoring a game of the week at the high school.

Beijer suggested inviting members of the seventh and eighth grade classes to attend the events to give them a taste of what they can expect at the high school level.

Board member Keith Couch addressed the board and suggested partnering with the Alton School Board, which has recently formed a group to study the efficiency of the Alton SAU. Couch would like to work together with the Alton group.

Terri Noyes, who is involved with the Alton SAU Committee, said the committee is still in its early stages and plans to meet again in January.

Member Eunice Landry reported on the recent PMHS Budget Committee. According to Landry, the budget committee is recommending all three articles that they were presented with.

Article 1 deals with $40,000 to be included in the CIP improvement of instruction. $20,000 will be coming from each town, Alton and Barnstead.

Article 2 establishes a fund for contingency for unanticipated utilities. The articles establishes this number as one percent of the gross budget, with 51.8 percent coming from Alton and 48.2 percent coming from Barnstead.

Article 3 establishes a general maintenance fund of $40,000, with $20,000 coming from each town.

The board accepted recommendations for the returning coaches for the fall season.

The JMA School Board has scheduled its next meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the library at Prospect Mountain High School.

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