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Suspect arraigned in Ashland murder

December 10, 2010
PLYMOUTH — The suspect in the murder of Kevin Doane, 54, of Ashland, was taken into custody Thursday night, and charged with two counts of Second Degree Murder.

Doane was found stabbed to death early Thursday morning, December 9, in his apartment, on Main Street in Ashland.

Clair Jax, 35, is being held at the Grafton County Department of Corrections (GCDC). According to the criminal complaint filed against her, Ms. Jax is charged with "knowingly causing the death of Kevin Doane by stabbing him repeatedly with a sharp instrument", and "recklessly" causing the death of Kevin Doane "under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life".

Ms. Jax appeared for arraignment on Friday morning in Plymouth District Court before Judge Thomas A Raffa, Jr. Wearing a black and white GCDC prison jumpsuit, Ms. Jax listened quietly as her court appointed attorney, Jesse Friedman, asked for her arrest warrant to be unsealed to the Public Defender's office, so that he might know the details of the charges against her in order to adequately represent his client. For the State of New Hampshire, Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinkley said that the warrant had been sealed to the public, pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation into the murder. Judge Raffa said that he would consider a written motion to unseal the affadavit against Ms Jax.

Doane is being remembered by those who knew him as a kind-hearted, community minded man who was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Officials have confirmed that he and Jax knew each other, but have declined to comment on the exact nature of their relationship.

There was no plea entered, and no request for bail. For court records, Ms. Jax gave her current address as 30 Main Street, Apartment 1, in Ashland, but her attorney indicated she will likely be "residing" the in Grafton County Jail for the foreseeable future. A Probable Cause hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, December 16 at 11:00 a.m. in Plymouth District Court.

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