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CIP comes in at $1.9 million

Original projection was for $3.1 million

December 08, 2010
ALTON — The Capital Improvement Committee presented its 2011 recommendations to the Alton Board of Selectmen on Monday, Dec. 6.

Tim Roy presented the board with a new bottom line of $1,995,738, which is much lower than the original amount of $3,147,874.

Among the changes the CIP Committee put into their report was the request by the Alton Fire Department for more than $1,000,000. Roy suggested that they only allocate $377,000. The majority of the funds requested were for replacements for Engine One and Engine Five.

After talking to Fire Chief Scott Williams, Roy learned that these engines could last a couple more years before being replaced.

The Alton Police Department requested $325,000. But they have $140,000 left in an existing fund and the CIP Committee recommended an additional $100,000 to help start improvements to the police station.

Parks and Recreation is asking for $24,000 and that was granted, but they also requested an additional $12,000 to pave the property. The CIP Committee agreed that now is not the time to make such improvements to the property.

Roy also presented the board with updates on several town vehicles and when they will need to be replaced.

A wood chipper will need to be replaced sometime in the near future, as the current one is on its last legs.

Some of the vehicles that are still working properly are: a '99 Mack truck, a '90 loader, a sweeper, a '00 Mack truck, a '03 Mack truck and a '06 excavator.

In other business, Dean Puzzo, who lives at 111 Lakewood Drive, presented the board with a request to alter the speed limit on Route 11 between Sandy Point and Precious Gardens.

Currently the speed limit on this stretch of road is 50 mph, but Puzzo is asking the board to put in a request to the State of New Hampshire to lower it to 35 mph.

According to Puzzo, residents on Spring Street, Lakewood Drive and members of the Keywaydin Homeowners Association support this change.

While talking to neighbors, Puzzo found support for the change.

"I found through my experience that it wasn't just me," Puzzo said. "They would always start with, 'Oh my God.'"

Puzzo presented the board with a signed petition that had 36 signatures.

According to Puzzo's calculations, lowering the speed limit would add just 15 seconds of driving time. The main reason for the request is for the safety of the pedestrians walking along the road and those trying to gain access to docks that are located across the street on Route 11.

"We are asking that you consider this change for the safety of our children," Puzzo added.

There are more than 20 houses that have dock access between residents on Spring Street and Lakewood Drive.

Puzzo also mentioned that several seasonal residents have been added as year round residents in the past couple of years.

Selectman Pat Fuller brought up the fact that the permanent speed limit isn't even 35 mph at Prospect Mountain High School. The speed limit is adjusted to 35 mph in the mornings and afternoons when students are arriving and departing.

Selectman Loring Carr worried of the domino affect that granting such a request would create. He felt that if they change this area, others would come and petition the board to change the speed limit around where they live.

The board agreed to table discussions on the topic until they go and visit the area in question.

Town Administrator Russell Bailey presented the board with a plan to move a pair of telephone poles on the corner of Route 140 and Main Street. The board approved an easement behind the Gilman Museum that would allow this change to go forward.

Bailey presented the board with a recommendation that Alton Fire Department join a regional Central New Hampshire Hazardous Material Response Team.

Joining the team will have no cost and will allow the town to be part of support team that can be utilized in an emergency situation involving hazardous material.

The regional team will come through town and inventory hazardous material that local businesses use and have on site.

Bob Longabaugh came in front of the board and suggested that they consider adding signs and a disposal system, similar to the one in the B&M Railroad Park, for people who take their dogs through the area.

He also commented on the microphone system that was recently added to the meeting room on the main level of the Alton Town Hall. Longabaugh believes it is an adequate system but that it could be improved even more.

The board set the deliberative session for the budget/election as Wednesday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m., with a snow date of Thursday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m.

Bailey presented the board with an update on the traffic circle project. According to Bailey, they will begin relocating utilities soon and the project is set to start on April 1, 2011 and will be completed by September 2011.

Bailey will do some research on what kind of budget was used on flaggers/police on similar projects and will bring these results back to the board.

Bailey also presented the board with a recommendation from the Milfoil Committee. Bailey expects a grant of $3,600 to be presented to the town. The board then approved an additional $10,000 to be allocated for the milfoil project.

The Places Mill Bridge project will be going out to bid. Arrangements will have to be made for detours. According to Bailey, the town will receive a reimbursement of 80 percent on this project.

The board approved the disposal of several items located in the bottom of the town hall that they have been unable to sell.

The items include old lights, an organ, doors, a bench, an old police boat without a motor, bumpers, an old stove and a laminated counter top.

The board approved the disposal of the above items to the transfer station and to put a pair of old police cruisers out to bid.

A pair of checks, each donating $250 to the Alton Police Department and Alton Fire Department, were accepted by the board.

The Alton Board of Selectmen will hold its next meeting on Monday, Dec. 20, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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