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Planners work to get codes to conform with IBC

December 07, 2010
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Planning Board went through the current building code on Thursday, Dec. 2, to try and make the code conform with the International Building Code.

Vice Chairman Bill Evans went through the details that building inspector Robert Flanders felt needed to be made to make the code up to IBC standards.

The changes will need to be submitted to a legal review no later than Dec. 24 so that the building code can be presented as a ballot question in the spring.

Among the changes that Evans recommended were deleting the small structure exemption because this is covered in the IBC.

Another suggestion was to remove the monetary amount of $1,500 regarding improvements to dwellings where a permit wouldn't be required.

Board of Selectmen representative Andy Houle vehemently objected to taking this restriction out of the building code.

"I want this in for a reason," Houle said. "Why not take the high road and do what is right."

Another stipulation removed from the building code was the requirement for a public hearing on a permit review.

The board felt that once the building inspector makes a decision it should be a final decision and that a public hearing isn't needed.

The board also agreed to keep the time limit for a temporary structure at 30 days and the time limit for a capped foundation to be left at five years.

Gregory Dewhurst sent a letter to the board asking why they hadn't approved the construction of a cell phone tower.

Clarke Goodrich said that the board should write a letter to Dewhurst saying they have approved the tower and issued the necessary permits.

The board agreed on the number 35 as the initial authorization of 2011 new residential construction permits.

The issue of Lester Huckins was brought up. Huckins has been instructed that he needs to install a concrete cistern on his property. Huckins has tried to submit plans for a fiberglass cistern that have been rejected. The board agreed to stay firm and if Huckins comes back, he will be instructed that he needs to install a concrete cistern.

Earlier in the meeting, the board approved the subdivision at the Estate of Charlotte V. Tudor at 490 South Barnstead Road.

Changes were made, monuments were added to the plans and they were presented by Steve Ferguson. The board gave unanimous approval to the subdivision.

John Soucie, representing Tina Soucie, presented a site plan review to change the former video store spot on 134 Suncook Valley Road to Tina Marie's Hair Salon.

According to Soucie, the only thing that he will be adding to the structure is two sink stations. The Cosmetology Board and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services will have to inspect the property before they open for business. Soucie hopes that the salon will be up and running towards the end of December or the beginning of January.

The board accepted the application as complete and gave unanimous approval of the site plan.

Dick Misiaszek came to the board asking for advice on how to go about creating a subdivision on his property on North Road. He owns 80 acres of land and is hoping to subdivide the property into two lots, approximately 35- and 45-acre parcels.

The board suggested Misiaszek survey the property that he intends to sell, but Kowalski suggested he survey both parcels

He asked the board if compass and tape surveying would meet the planning board's standards. He was told that it wouldn't and was given a list or local surveyors to call and get estimates from.

The Barnstead Planning Board is scheduled to meet tonight for a work session at the Barnstead Town Hall at 7 p.m. with the focus of drafting a ballot question that will present the updated building code.

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