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New Kingswood Arts Center 98 percent complete

Grand opening and dedication scheduled for Dec. 16

WORK has begun on Phase Two of the Kingswood project, which includes additions to the Kingswood Regional High School main building. (Heather Terragni photo) (click for larger version)
December 02, 2010
WOLFEBORO — With a certificate of occupancy in hand and substantial completion drawing nearer, Phase One of the Kingswood complex renovation and expansion project continues to progress as planned, according to Chairman of the Governor Wentworth Regional School District's Building and Maintenance Committee, Ernie Brown.

"This week we should receive our Substantial Completion, which means we can start moving into the [Kingswood Arts Center] as the contractor, NBC [North Branch Construction], finishes minor details," said Brown.

This comes as good news since the Grand Opening and Dedication of the Arts Center is planned for Dec. 16, and the first school concert to be held in the building planned for the following Saturday. The public is invited to both the opening and the concert.

Substantial completion also means that the Kingswood Regional Middle School will have a place to temporarily relocate to while the current structure undergoes renovations.

"The plan," explained Brown, "is for 19 classrooms from the [middle school] to move into the Arts Center over [winter break]. This frees up space in the KRMS for the contractors to work on the interior as part of Phase Two."

The Kingswood renovation is a complex project that will now require "shuttling" classrooms for the next year and a half. This past Monday marked the 48th weekly contractor meeting for Phase One alone. Encompassing the new geo-thermal heating and cooling system, ball fields and a new turf field, as well as the construction of the Kingswood Arts Center, Phase One has been no easy feat. However the end is in sight, as Brown explained, "The geo is in and running in the Arts Center, the turf field is in use and the Arts Building is beautiful."

One interesting aspect of the building involves the three 20,000 gallon underground tanks used to store runoff from the building's roof to flush toilets and water the ball fields. If there isn't enough natural rainwater, explained Brown, a well was drilled that will cut in when the tank's stored water gets down to a third of its capacity. And only then if the well for some reason can't produce enough water to make up the difference, does Wolfeboro town water cut in. This organization of runoff water will overtime save not only water and energy, but tax payer's money.

With a 1,551 person capacity (seating, 849; handicap, 10; folding chairs, 100; stage, 183; lobby, 409) the new Kingswood Arts Center is sure to be the go to for all large assemblies and concerts.

In regard to Phase One Brown credited the project's advances on "the excellent work, collaboration, and cooperation" demonstrated by the project's key organizers, including Tom Boudette, Clerk of the Works; Dick Faladeau, District Maintenance Supervisor; Andrea Ogden, Athletic Director; and Dave Lane, Information Technology Director.; as well as Bruce Blazon, Julianne Cardinal and John Beaver of North Branch Construction; CMK Architects Al Corzilius and Chip Krause; and the numerous subcontractors dedicated to the project.

Phase Two of the project is well underway and on schedule as well. This portion of the project includes renovations and expansions on portions of the existing high and middle schools, as well as the vocational center.

The full school board will meet next on Monday, Dec. 6 at Carpenter Elementary School in Wolfeboro, during which another update is likely to be given.

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