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Prospect dealing with a few fighting issues

November 30, 2010
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain School Board met on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Prospect Mountain High School.

Shayna Sweezy, the student representative, reported to the board that nearly 300 people attended Macbeth, which was performed at PMHS on Nov. 12 and 13.

She also announced that the junior class was sponsoring a "coffee house" in the cafeteria on Nov. 22.

Principal James Fitzpatrick reported that report cards were sent out on Friday, Nov. 12, following the close of the first quarter. One hundred and seventy-six students made the honor roll, and they will be recognized at an assembly.

At the recent fall sports banquet, senior Sydney Robertson was named First Team All-State Volleyball and senior Jessica Bibbo garnered Honorable Mention.

Fitzpatrick said that the administration at PMHS is dealing with an onslaught of students who want to resolve their issues by fighting. He said that it is primarily freshmen, and that the administration is trying to catch these situations before they come to blows. According to Fitzpatrick, there have been four to five significant events so far, which is a high number for this time of year.

Superintendent Paul Bartolomucci reported that feasibility study for wind/solar energy is taking place and that the results will be forwarded to the Finance Committee.

The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference was held on Dec. 1, with many staff members attending.

The superintendents met and are talking about curriculum, memorandums and agreements and other ongoing issues. According to Bartolomucci, these meetings with continue to take place regularly throughout the year.

Keith Couch brought to the board's attention that Dr. William Compton will be retiring as SAU 86 (Barnstead) Superintendent. The issue was tabled until Dec. 7.

Eunice Landry presented the board with the budget presentation. She commended everyone who worked on the budget and the administration for keeping the costs down.

She especially gave credit to Principal Fitzpatrick, who worked hard to make changes and adjustments to improve the budget.

The board was provided with a handout indicating the caseloads of the SPED teachers. The budget reflects shifting paying SPED teachers from the regular budget rather than the ARRA grant.

There will be warrant articles to provide $20,000 in tuition reimbursement for teachers, per contract, and $40,000 for maintenance. There will also be a contingency warrant article of one percent of the budget for utilities.

Landry noted that $400 needs to be added to athletics to pay for soccer ball retrievers. She also noted that $1 needs to be put in the summer school line to keep that program active.

The budget doesn't have any monies in the summer school, resulting in a savings of $8,098, and if there is a need for summer school, students will be charged.

Terri Noyes expressed concern about not funding summer school and about students getting 32 credits but only needing 25 to graduate.

Fitzpatrick noted that while summer school is important, it is not a requirement.

There was debate about how PMHS handles current and future issues regarding freshmen, ensuring that their academics are being met and that they are in classes they need in order to move forward.

It was noted that the summer school program isn't designed to teach the entire curriculum but to try to get through the basics.

It was agreed that the graduation requirements and scheduling need to be looked at and ideas on how to change the system and more efficient and effective need to be brought forward.

The JMA board's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 7, at 6:30 p.m. in the PMHS Library.

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