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Tin Mountain Area Renewable Energy Initiative spreads solar energy throughout the Mount Washington Valley

November 25, 2010
PAREI is a non-profit citizen's organization whose mission is "to encourage energy conservation and energy efficiency practices and to promote the use of renewable energy in the Plymouth region. This is done through education, community building, increasing accessibility to professional energy-related services, and by developing and sharing our model with other communities."

"The desire for local renewable energy options was apparent when over 35 individuals show up at our informational meeting, a dozen of them interested in installing a system on their own house and everyone ready and willing to volunteer," said Tin Mountain Conservation Center Outreach Coordinator Nora Dufilho. "They also designated the Tin Mountain area Renewable Energy Initiative, or TMREI, as our local arm, and we hit the ground running with an energy raiser scheduled before we even had a volunteer base!"

Maggie Finn hosted TMREI's inaugural energy raiser on Nov. 6 at her home on the Conway/Madison town line. The event was a rousing success with over three-dozen volunteers helping to install her solar hot water array in system in under six hours. With their first successful energy raiser complete, TMREI is looking forward to installing several more systems within the year. Keep an eye out for energy raisers in your neighborhood; the organization hopes to pair the first installation of the spring with a solar showcase open to the public.

Interested in joining TMREI as a volunteer or hosting your own energy raiser? Contact Nora Dufilho at Tin Mountain at 447-6991 or nbeem@tinmountain.org. You can also learn more about the PAREI energy raiser model at www.plymouthenergy.org.

Varney Smith
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