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What are you thankful for?

November 23, 2010
This year it seems as though some people are more thankful than ever, whether it's because they have a steady job and home or because they're getting support from local organizations and the community.

Although some deem this society and the holiday season a commercial occasion to spend and spend, it seems the number one priority on everyone's list this year is still family. In tough times most people aren't as thankful for a $500 Coach purse as they are for close friends and family members who will get them through an uncertain year, and not just through a fashion season.

Especially this Thanksgiving, families across the nation and the Lakes Region will sit down next to loved ones and eat a mini feast if they are lucky enough, where the simple yet most important things are the main focus.

Salmon Press spoke to several people doing some holiday shopping to see what they are most thankful for this year.

Nicole Phinney of Moultonboro said she is simply thankful for her freedom and independence, a right not everyone in the world feels is tangible. Even on a personal level, Phinney said she is grateful to hold a sense of freedom, since she has peers who do not feel the same as she does.

Cheryl Louyee of Campton said she is thankful for a healthy family, while her husband George said he is thankful for just about everything in his life.

Jocelyn Bernard of Meredith said she is also thankful for her family and "grateful all around" for their support and existence in her life.

Melissa Robinson of Alexandria thought hard about what she was most thankful for, yet she again felt that in the end, she is most thankful for the family and friends that surround her.

In trying times, Carrie Robinson of Meredith said she is thankful to have good health.

Nancy Spears of Bristol said she is thankful for friends and family, and to have a job. One person stands out in particular for Spears this year.

"I am thankful for my foster child Michael, and that he is in our family. We took him in at 14. Many people don't want to take in older kids," said Spears.

Lynn Carey of Belmont said there is nothing more she is thankful for than her family. Carey said the fact that her loved ones are hers alone and an extension of herself makes them even more special.

Sheryl Pappalardo of Meredith is not only thankful for her family, but happy that they are healthy once again.

Kim Isabelle of Cambridge, Mass., up visiting the Lakes Region last weekend, said she was glad to have such great friends in her life.

"I am thankful for my friends. They have been really supportive of me this past year," said Isabelle.

Pat Delorie of Deerfield said she was thankful that every family member of hers is healthy, while her cousin Lisa LoRusso said she is thankful for the great people in her life, including family members.

Delorie's daughter Rebecca said she would have to be thankful for her brains this year since she worked hard to earn scholarships, a ticket to her college education and her future – with the encouragement of her family, of course.

Varney Smith
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