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Combined parcels considered for police station

November 23, 2010
TILTON — The Board of Selectmen has signed a purchase and sale agreement for two properties that the Life Safety Building Committee has recommended combining for the purpose of housing a new police station.

Town Finance Manager Tim Pearson drafted a purchase and sale agreement that he brought to the board at its meeting Thursday night. The two properties have two separate owners, so each would have to sign the purchase and sales agreement. Among other contingencies, the agreement states that both properties have to be met with approval at town meeting, and they have to close on the same day.

"One property won't do us any good," Pearson said. "I believe the property owners have a very realistic view of (this process)."

Details have not been revealed yet as to where the properties are located or how much the town is offering for them. That information will be released at a public hearing on Jan. 11.

Also at that hearing, the LSBC will unveil the new architectural plans for the Business Park Drive building, which is still under consideration. The committee saw those plans for the first time last week and has not received a cost estimate yet.

Pearson said the architect has now started working on the design for the building that would be constructed on the combined parcel of land, should residents favor that option. The buildings that currently stand on those properties would be razed.

The board voted in favor of signing the purchase and sale agreement, with Selectman David Wadleigh dissenting. The agreement will now be presented to the property owners.

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