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Wolfeboro 250th Anniversary celebration ends with a party

GENERAL JAMES WOLFE, portrayed by Christian Boudman, prepares to make the ceremonial first cut into the three-layer Wolfeboro 250th birthday cake created by Jenniferís For Every Occasion at the Closing Reception at the Wolfeboro Inn last Sunday, Nov. 14, ending the 250th Anniversary Year of the naming of Wolfeboro. (Thomas Beeler photo) (click for larger version)
November 18, 2010
WOLFEBORO — The Wolfeboro 250th Committee brought the celebration of the naming of Wolfeboro to an end last Sunday evening in the same place it was started, in the 1812 Room of the Wolfeboro Inn, with a formal but festive closing reception.

The event was planned and managed by Wolfeboro's Amy Piper of Signature Events and included hors d'oeuvres prepared by the Inn, period music on cello and violin by A String Thing, and, at the end, a special three-layer Wolfeboro 250th (with chocolate and coconut cake) created by Jennifer's For Every Occasion.

It turned out to be a relaxed social occasion so enjoyable that many stayed and talked well beyond the scheduled 7 p.m. ending.

Committee member and Wolfeboro historian Dave Bowers introduced the event and described how well the group worked together through the past year, planning events, solving problems and getting things done. General James Wolfe, portrayed by Wolfeboro's Christian Boudman, read Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," the poem Wolfe was said to have read aloud the night before his victory on the Plains of Abraham at Quebec City, the battle that cost his life. The General also auctioned off the remaining Wolfeboro 250th road sign (in a spirited bidding between Roger Murray and Bowers, in which Bowers prevailed with a $400 bid) and made the ceremonial first cut of the birthday cake.

Three prizes were drawn during the event as well. The first two were the Grand Prizes from the Wolfe Hunt, a special summer event where participants were asked to find the image of General Wolfe in 15 out of 54 businesses in order to enter four monthly drawings and a final Grand Prize drawing. The monthly drawings awarded t-shirts, bags, flags and pewter ornaments marked with the 250th logo. The Grand Prizes were drawn from all entries last Sunday evening.

The first Grand Prize, a week's stay at The Windrifter Resort, donated by Ann Hedison, was won by Brett Conley of Wolfeboro. The second Grand Prize, two nights at The Wolfeboro Inn, donated by the Inn, was won by Carolyn Mako on New Jersey.

There was also a door prize of Bowers' three-volume history of Wolfeboro, drawn from the tickets of those present by the mother of Wolfeboro Chamber Executive Director and committee member Mary DeVries. Ginger, who has just moved to Wolfeboro. The set was won by Wolfeboro Selectman and committee member Linda Murray's brother-in-law Russell.

Though the 250th Anniversary year is now over, the committee still needs to complete its report to the Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen, which will include recommendations on a suitable memorial to General Wolfe, and to turn back some of the $10,000 appropriated by town voters to carry out the year-long celebration and publish a commemorative book, "Nothing Finer: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire," written by Bowers and Granite State News Editor Tom Beeler.

In addition to the book and the Wolfe Hunt, the committee produced commemorative merchandise that was sold in downtown stores, created the winning entry in the Independence Day Parade, staged a French and Indian War encampment on Brewster Field with a Governor's Reception at the Pinckney Boathouse, put on a gala at the Wright Museum and held opening and closing receptions at the Wolfeboro Inn.

Martin Lord Osman
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