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Septic and fire issues top list

Selectmen deal with septic design, alleged complaints from fire chief

November 17, 2010
ALTON — The Alton Board of Selectmen approved the adoption of a new ordinance that deals with waivers on septic design and put this new ordinance to use on Monday, Nov. 15.

John Dever, the town's building inspector, brought a second revision of an ordinance that deals with setback waivers, innovative technology and designating bodies of water that aren't protected under the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act.

The Kennedy property, which has been brought forward a couple different times, was addressed and the board tentatively approved a septic design, pending the use of a bubbler system.

The board approved three different waivers dealing with distance from tank to surface water, distance from the tank to the owner's well and distance from the leach field to the town water line. The existing tanks will also need to be removed and double piping will be used on the septic system.

The project will also require an easement from abutter Elaine Holt. The board was presented with a letter stating that Holt has approved the easement.

Selectman Pat Fuller brought to the board's attention Fire Chief Scott Williams' remarks during a recent budget meeting. Fuller also said that the budget committee has accepted the board of selectmen's budget.

According to Fuller, Williams called out the board of selectmen as being insensitive to the needs of the fire department. Fuller also said that Williams brought up the washing of cars by town employees at the fire department at the budget meeting, which she felt was an inappropriate time.

Fuller went on to list a number of things the board has approved for the fire department including: revamping the pay scale of firefighters and EMTs, increasing the number of lieutenants from two to six, the East Alton roof, the Central Station roof, carpeting and a new apron.

"I have always supported the fire department," Fuller said about Williams' comments. "I was mostly speechless."

Chairman Dave Hussey responded to Fuller's comments.

"The board does not target people," Hussey said. "Absolutely not."

Town Administrator Russell Bailey discussed the 2010 tax rate, which is $12.21 per $1,000.

The 2011 Town Meeting is scheduled for March 8, and Bailey discussed deadline dates, such as Jan. 11 as the last day of petitioned articles and Jan. 18 as the last day for public hearing for the budget.

The 2011 budget was discussed, but the board didn't go into much detail because they were still waiting to get the CIP presentation

"We have until January to discuss these numbers," Bailey said. "Realizing they need to have time to get to the budget committee."

The nonprofit organizations were discussed and Selectman Peter Bolster asked Bailey to try and get figures on how many charitable hours the different companies have donated.

Selectman Loring Carr brought a chunk of concrete that had fallen off the curbing around Monument Square and wondered why that curbing is in such bad shape.

After some discussion, Bailey brought up the fact that he thinks the American Legion maintains this property. Carr and the board asked Bailey to look into fixing this along with the sidewalk in front of the Town Hall.

Bailey informed the board that they had received a check for $7,471.43 that was received as a grant from the state for DWI patrols and speed patrols.

The board approved the low bid of $4,985 for the repair of the Gilman Museum.

Bailey also brought forward the bid for a generator for the senior center. The bid was much higher than the board expected and Bailey will talk to the electrician to make sure they need a generator of that size.

The Alton Senior Center is set up as an Emergency Management center, thus the need for the generator.

The property liability/workman's compensation insurance, which is renewed every three years, was brought forward. After much discussion, it was decided that Bailey will go and get quotes from different companies.

The board approved the request by Castleberry Fairs to set up in Alton Bay for three days in July and two days during Labor Day weekend, but they didn't approve a exclusivity clause that would prevent other events in Alton Bay 30 days before and after the Castleberry Fairs event.

The board of selectmen's next scheduled meeting is on Monday, Dec. 6, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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