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JMA accepts new technology plan and early graduates

November 10, 2010
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain JMA School Board approved two applications for early graduation at its latest meeting and approved a new three-year plan presented by the Technology Committee.

On Monday, Nov. 4, the board reviewed Miranda Mulcahy and her application to graduate early in January, and Rachel Srbek, who plans to graduate a full year early. According to Principal James Fitzpatrick, both students have met all graduation requirements and have the support of the faculty.

Courtney Bennett gave the board a report of recent student activities. One of the announcements she made was about a Coffeehouse in the cafeteria on Monday, Nov. 22, at 5:30 p.m. presented by the junior class.

Fitzpatrick talked to the board about a busy month of October in which they held PSAT testing, NECAP testing for juniors and a back to school night where more than 150 parents attended.

Superintendent Paul Bartolomucci revealed that current enrollment at Prospect Mountain High School is 551 students. There are currently 269 students from Alton and 282 students from Barnstead.

The board announced the approval of a new 36-month contract for Casella Waste that was decided via a phone poll. The phone poll was used because a deadline came to pass prior to the board meeting.

Jason Hills, the head of the Technology Committee, presented the three-year technology plan to the board.

Hills announced that 66 percent of parents have signed up to check their children's grades online, and that 21 percent of parents are checking grades on a regular basis. Hills thinks these numbers will begin to grow as more and more parents find out about the program.

Hills talked about how the school recently added 24 mounted projectors and how the faculty began utilizing this technology in the classroom. He also announced the PMHS Web site is getting around 1,000 unique visits per month.

He discussed the proposed plan, which highlights five more definable goals:

School wide technology to evaluate students;

Technology proficiency rubric for all staff;

Online assessment for all incoming freshmen;

Increased community communication, using the public access channel or other means;

Saving energy and reducing paper usage by 10 percent.

Hills addressed the goal of continuing to try and reach a one-to-one ratio of students to computers at PMHS.

Meghan Schmiermund also talked to the board about being a certified Smart Notebook Trainer. Having Schmiermund on staff allows the school to save time and money, and she may be asked to help out at Alton Central School or Barnstead Elementary in the future.

The board approved the three-year plan unanimously.

The board approved the use of the "sick bank" by a teacher in need, conditionally stating the sick time would not have to be repaid back in the future.

The board also approved IJOC volunteers, JH student attendance, absences excuses and truancy policy, GBCD background investigation and criminal history records check, JLC student health services, JLCE first aid and emergency medical care, JLCD administering medication to students and a procedure to accompany policy KG.

The Prospect Mountain JMA School Board's next scheduled meeting is on Monday, Nov. 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the PMHS library.

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