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School tax rate drops in Alton

November 09, 2010
ALTON — The Alton tax rates for 2010 were recently released and for the first time in many years, the school rate dropped.

On Monday, Nov. 8, at the Alton School Board meeting, the rate was disclosed as $5.03 per $1,000, a drop from last year's rate of $5.19 per $1,000. In comparison, the town's rate went up to $3.36 from last year's of $3.00. The overall rate for the town went to $12.21, up from last year's rate of $11.83.

A presentation was made to the board, showcasing an example of using technology in the classroom. A stop/motion animation explaining how leaves lose their color and several "I am" poems were shown to the board. The showcases are held quarterly and give students a chance to show the whole student body what they have been doing.

Disposal of old equipment that is stored in several trailers was approved by the board, with the long-term goal of emptying out and removing one of the trailers completely.

The school will attempt to donate any useful but outdated equipment to churches, daycare and other community organizations before it is junked.

Superintendent Kathy Holt highlighted the recent visit of Commissioner Virginia Barry to Alton Central School.

According to Holt, Barry was able to sit down and have lunch in the building and visit every grade.

The board will be sending along a thank you note in appreciation of Barry's four-hour visit to ACS.

The failure to approve the teachers' contract on election night was discussed by the board. Article 1, which dealt with ACS, failed by a vote of 1,166 to 1,009 and Article 2, dealing with Prospect Mountain High School, failed by a vote of 1,145 to 1,034.

Krista Argiropolis displayed her disappointment in the low voter turnout.

The board announced the CIP presentation date as Wednesday, Nov. 17.

Parent/teachers conferences are scheduled for Monday, Nov. 22, and the board agreed to make dishes and provide lunch for teachers on this day. Dishes will be brought in before 10:30 a.m. so that the teachers can grab a quick bite.

The board approved the budget transfer from the 1100 account to 1200 account to allow for track change for a teacher who recently received a master's degree.

A first reading of the JGAA Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention and the JGAA-R Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Reporting Form were approved. The board also approved a second reading of the GBED Tobacco Products Ban Use and Possession in and on School Facilities and Grounds.

Several job descriptions were brought to the board for approval, but Argiropolis asked that they be tabled and addressed at a workshop in the future. She brought up the fact that the principal's position hasn't been updated since 1991 and that aspects of technology are missing from many of the job descriptions.

The Alton School Board is scheduled to meet again on Monday, Nov. 22, at the Alton Central School library.

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