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Republican wave sweeps local seats

November 10, 2010
LAKES REGION — Voters let their voices be heard on Tuesday and the loudest voice was for the Republicans. Republican candidates across the area won or retained seats in the Senate, House, and other offices with many Democrat incumbents losing their seats.

Many Republican candidates said they heard a lot of discontent with the current government and the desire for change. Some Democrats, however, voiced concern that the Republicans might be making promises they cannot keep and their constituents could pay the price.

After a spirited and sometimes heated campaign, Jeanie Forrester of Meredith was elected to the State Senate in District 2 defeating Democrat incumbent Deb Reynolds of Plymouth.

Reynolds defeated the late Carl Johnson of Meredith in 2006 amidst a wave of Democrats. Four years later another Meredith resident has taken that seat, reflecting the new turnaround of Republicans.

In the House, Meredith's seat in Belknap District 3 will be represented by newcomer Republicans Colette Worsman and Bob Greemore, unseating incumbent Democrat Kate Miller and defeating Democrat Carla Horne. Both Worsman and Greemore are involved in small business and Worsman is a town selectman.

In the Belknap District 1 race to represent Center Harbor and New Hampton, Republican Tyler Simpson won over Democrat Ruth Gulick. Both Simpson and Gulick are from New Hampton. Belknap District 1 is currently held by longstanding Rep. Fran Wendelboe, also of New Hampton.

In the Belknap County Commissioner's race, Republican Steven Nedeau of Meredith was elected as County Commissioner for District 3, which comprises Meredith, Center Harbor, Alton, Gilford, and New Hampton. Nedeau received 6,398 votes, a landslide over the 2,547 votes received by Democrat Steve Copithorne of Alton.

Republican victories were also seen in Carroll County, where many sitting Republicans were reelected and some Democrat incumbents were voted out.

Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro will serve another term as State Senator for District 3, which also includes Sandwich and Moultonboro.

In Carroll County District 4, comprising Moultonboro, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro, Moultonboro selectman Betsey Patten will retain her seat with fellow incumbents J. David Knox and Christopher Ahlgren, of Wolfeboro with fellow Republican Steve Schmidt of Wolfeboro. The four won over Democrats Louise Graham and John White of Wolfeboro and Gary Chehames of Melvin Village.

One incumbent remained and another was defeated in the race for Carroll County District 3, comprising Sandwich, Tamworth, Freedom, and Ossipee. Carroll County District 3 will have two new representatives with one incumbent holding his seat.

Republican Mark McConkey of Freedom retained his seat and will join Republicans Harry Merrow and David Babson, Jr. of Ossipee.

Democrat Susan Wiley of Sandwich lost her seat and was defeated alongside fellow Democrat Herb Cooper of Tamworth.

Martin Lord Osman
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